How to Grow Coffee

Growing coffee for your consumption is indeed a fascinating process. It can be a little daunting to a few when they ask themselves as to how to grow coffee, but experts would tell you that the coffee plant is relatively easy to take care of and hence manageable. Its presence in the house adds color and attractiveness apart from giving you the satisfaction of having grown it in your house. Brewing from coffee beans that have been produced in your backyard can be a very rewarding experience. Only those who have been blessed enough to experience this know the satisfaction of sipping coffee made in their backyard.


How to Make your Dream to Grow Coffee a Reality

Preparing coffee seeds from ripe coffee cherries can be a tedious process but can, of course, be done if you are keen on it. It is not easy but worth it for sure.  Homegrown coffee beans are fantastic with a ripe cherry that is freshly picked. But this is not feasible if you are not in a coffee producing country owing to the given conducive environments.

Or else you could opt for coffee plants for sale. Coffee plants can easily be found online for sale. There is also an extensive variety to choose from. The glossy leaves of the coffee plant make it a very alluring patio plant. When you give it a few years of care and attention, you will have coffee berries and flowers ripening. It is an excellent idea to pick up coffee plants for sale.Coffee Beans

The steps involved in growing coffee from coffee seeds-

  • Ensure you get ripe coffee cherries by hand
  • Then it requires pulping again by hand
  • Wash with water and subject it to fermentation
  • The pulp eventually falls off
  • The coffee bean is made to dry optimally on mesh screen
  • It is now ready for planting

Alternatively, coffee seeds for sale in the market are just as feasible to start producing your favorite coffee at home.

Coffee Seed Germination- a Delicate Process 

A lot rides on the fact that the coffee cherries chosen are fresh. The germination process should kick off successfully in the first four months or else the period after that can be riddled with a longer germination period with the rate of germination also being painstakingly slow.

The Correct Soil Type for Coffee Plantation at Home 

For successful coffee plantation, it is important to plant it in loam soil that has high humus content, or you could opt for porous soil which is light weight. It can be a good idea to check out some of the helpful sites on how to grow coffee Arabica to know more about the entire germination procedure.

The soil for successful coffee planting at home needs to be moist all the time yet should also be well drained. The plant needs watering daily, but too much or too little water could potentially kill the seeds. The addition of manure and fertilizers can also be done to achieve levels of minerals in the soil that is required.

How to Take Care of the Coffee Plant in Homes 

One important thing about coffee plants in homes is that they can pretty much thrive in artificial lighting which means the plant can be left indoors. The watering method of the plant involves what is typically called full watering and half watering.

It is irrespective whether you learn how to grow coffee from seed or procure it from the market; the aftercare of the tree is just the same for all of them.

The Most Suitable Temperatures for Growing Coffee in your House 

Although it is correct to plant coffee seeds all the year round in tropical and subtropical regions, yet for all the other regions it is fantastic to grow them in climates which are colder, that is, beginning from spring and lasting through mid-summer with temperatures revolving around 20 degrees Celsius. Once the seeds germinate, the plant looks for partial shade. It can also do with a morning shade and can be easily grown indoors.

The Ease of Growing Coffee Plants at Home 

For growing coffee at home, the concerns are only sun, soil and watering. Adhering to what is popularly understood correct for coffee or what is scientific proven makes it very easy for the plant to be grown in the house.

With the constraints of modern life in the lives of men and women, a strong cup of coffee is indeed very energizing. It serves as a very potent beverage to begin the day with, gives you the kick start and gets you going to face the vagaries of a given day. It is of irrelevance whether the coffee comes from your homegrown plant or bought from outside, the coffee continues to be a favorite drink.

Modern day coffee makers make it easier for the busy man. So, get started today to buy a coffee plant to have your cuppa. Coupled with the know how of how to treat it at home can make you a successful grower of a coffee plant at home.


It is easy to know how to grow coffee. Educate yourself on the subject and enjoy your cup to the hilt. Once you have coffee, make sure you try out some amazing coffee recipes.

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