How to Use an Espresso Machine

The world runs on coffee. With so many kinds of coffee in the world today, it can get a little overwhelming when you decide to try to make one on your own. Knowing the difference between café latte and café mocha is hard enough. Imagine learning how to use an espresso machine to make them. It can go either way in a fraction of a second.

Thanks to the advanced technology of coffee-making, it is easier to understand the main components of your favorite caffeinated drink and how to make it by yourself. Espresso is the concentrated coffee that is used to make the different drinks so it is essential that you learn how to operate an espresso machine first


Common elements of a typical espresso machine

Making coffee through the machine is easier than you think. The machine brews your coffee by pushing hot water through the coffee beans. The grinder and the hot water ensure that the coffee that is extracted is thicker than the actual brewed coffee. Since it is a much concentrated flavor, it makes an ideal base for your favorite mixes.  Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso Maker

Although there are a lot of manufacturers of espresso machines, many of their components, remain the same. If you are planning to learn how to operate espresso machine, it will serve you well to know how these parts look and work.

Steam Wand

That long lever that is evident on all the machines is the steam wand. It is used to control to flow and level of steam that is poured when you pull the lever. Most commercial espresso machines have more than one steam wand for quicker use.


If you are a big fan of Americanos, then you must know what a spigot is. It is essentially a sprout that gives hot water for tea and Americanos.



This is where the magic happens. A portafilter is an assembly of the handle, spigot and the brew basket which holds the coffee grounds that get brewed into the espresso we all know and love.


This is essentially the piece which secures the portafilter. It has a metal filter as well as a rubber gasket. Most commercial machines have more than one grouphead for efficiency.

Warming rack 

This is fancy and is mostly found only in the commercial coffee machines. It is a rack that pre-heats your coffee mugs before your drink is poured into them.

Pressure and temperature dial

These do not have to be touched until something is certainly wrong with your machine. If you feel like you are unable to control the heat and temperature of your machine and you are not an expert, it is wiser to call for help.

Shot buttons

These buttons cater to the different tastes of the individual. It sends water down to the portafilter and comes in four types i.e. single shot, single long, double shot and double long. It is easier to use this to make the beverage of your choice.

When you know these functions of each of the components, it is easier to make coffee the way you like it. All you need to do is achieve the right consistency that suits your taste buds.

If you are familiar with the process of making espresso, here are few types of machines that will suit your needs perfectly.

Steam Machines

The steaming processes make the espresso without any grinding of coffee beans. A stovetop espresso machine cannot be called as a machine per se and is simply a method to make espresso without a machine. However, since many people refer to it as the first generation espresso machine, here is a simple stovetop espresso maker how to use methodology: Just place the steamer on top of the stove. The steamer will eventually create pressure due to the boiling water to make espresso. It is extremely simple to use. However, look for the best stovetop espresso maker to get the right coffee.

Another alternative is the Pumpless Electric, which has an electric coil to heat the water and the coffee beans. It is widely available but is quite expensive. It can be used to make cappuccino at home as well. If you are wondering how to make cappuccino at home, this machine can prove to be a good option.

Pump Machines

Various types of pump machines are available for your convenience. They all have different characteristics so you can choose the ones that will suit your coffee-making method the best. From simple contraptions that require pulling a single lever to pump out your coffee to complicated ones that will make not only grind your coffee beans but will also clean out its filter after making the coffee, you have a variety of choices.


The best way to satiate your coffee addiction is by getting a machine all for yourself. With so many types and choices, it might be quite hard to make a decision. However, if you are looking for something long term, learning how to use an espresso machine will help you a great deal, and will also save you quite a few bucks without you even realising it.

An espresso machine is an excellent investment if you and your family function on coffee and its various flavors and types. To understand more about the different kinds of espresso machines, go through some reviews, to know what you exactly want. Lastly, remember that with different espresso machines, how to guide also changes slightly.

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