Bringing Starbucks House Blend to Your House

Starbucks House Blend has been around since 1971 – the first blend the company created. A combination of Latin American coffees, this one’s a medium blend, roasted beautifully to balance the nuances in the beans. Much like Peet’s, this House Blend originally served as an introduction, though it has continued to take its place on stage through the coffee revolution.

Hints of cocoa and nuts abide, interspersed with a lively kick of acidity, which is quickly overtaken by the sweetness of the roast. It’s simple, yet complex, but only if you stop for a moment to focus on what it brings to the table.

This House Blend is perfect as is, yet remarkably holds its own when combined with cream. Adding flavors to the Starbucks House Blend is not recommended, nor is brewing it as espresso. However, this is a perfect go-to in a variety of brewing methods.

To prepare your House Blend, use approximately 2 tablespoons of freshly-ground coffee combined with 6 ounces of cold, filtered water. Remember that since water is such an integral part of the coffee brewing process, if it carries residue or sediment that may affect your end result.

If you don’t have a coffee grinder at home, put it on your Christmas list. Once you experience the process of grinding your own beans…listening to them break apart into fine pieces available for your pleasure, breathing in the scent of the freshest brew possible, savoring a cup which equals the divinity of your local coffee house… After all, grounds are for your garden.

Never the less, while most people brew coffee at home using a drip brewing machine, you may also use a French Press to preserve the natural oils of the bean.

Why does Starbucks House Blend come so highly recommended?

  • It’s the perfect go-to, middle-of-the-road choice, any time of day (or night)
  • Balanced for solo enjoyment yet capable of standing up to cream
  • For coffee novices, the Starbucks House Blend won’t take them too far off their (generic) beaten path
  • It pairs well with a variety of foods – won’t overpower your omelet, is delicious with a blueberry muffin, and is a friend of desserts like pecan pie

Available in whole or conveniently ground 1-pound packages for home, K-Cups to share during office meetings, VIA for when you’re on the go, Portion Packs to enjoy while traveling…wherever you are and no matter the occasion, Starbucks House Blend is sure to make you feel at home.

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    TOofy February 17, 2016 at 7:41 pm

    Starbucks run by libertarian patainelrstsThe chain is switching its default milk for espresso based drinks from whole to 2%. That’s fewer calories, but also less fat to provide structure and sweetness. Don’t give in! Or better yet, go to coffee shops that really know

    • Reply Juan Miguel
      Juan Miquel February 23, 2016 at 3:46 pm

      Starbucks is not perfect coffee shop, but decent in my opinion. You can’t go wrong with them anytime.
      I prefer to use organic whole milk when I am making my coffee drinks.

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