How to Make a Latte with an Espresso Machine

Everyone who loves coffee must know how to make a latte with an Espresso Machine. Coffee lovers around the world are now learning how to brew strong coffee with the best machines available. And Latte is no exception. From hot summer months to cold winter evenings, this is the one drink that coffee lovers enjoy. And if you have a great espresso machine, it’s time you learn how to make a latte right. It is quite easy and fun. And if you know how to make good espresso already, this is even simpler.  However, while making espresso coffee is the most important step, there are lots of things that go into making a latte.

How to Make Latte With Espresso Machine

  • Turn the power on and let the machine warm up. Once it does, an indicator on the machine will let you know. Get the milk ready for frothing in the meantime. Add water to the reservoir.
  • Load the coffee in the machine. But do not use something too finely grounded as that would not allow the water to brew it well.
  • Do not pack it tightly, and clean any grinds from the rim. The size of filter basket you use in this process depends on the number of shots you want.
  • Switch to froth mode. Let the steam come out of the wand. When the milk is fully frothed, Turn off the knob while removing the pitcher.
  • Turn the boiler to a brew position; turn it on slightly so as to get rid of a little water which is caused by the excess pressure, caused while frothing.
  • It’s time to insert the filter basket holder with coffee. Twist and line up the tabs in a perfect position. Many models like Capresso EC100 come with great filter basket holders that fit perfectly.
  • Get your coffee in the cup by placing it in the right place. Add milk and foam to complete.

Breville espresso maker

Now that you know how to make latte with an espresso machine, go ahead and invest in some espresso machine. And if you want to make a latte without espresso machine, there are many not-so-fancy ways to do that too. Here’s an easy way to do it

  • Pour milk into a jar (less than half). Tighten the lid. Shake the jar until the milk is frothy. Shake it hard so the volume of the milk feels doubled (1 minute).
  • Microwave this frothed milk for 30 seconds by removing the lid. This will cause the foam to rise to the top, but it won’t spill as you are microwaving it.
  • Pour warm milk into the finely ground coffee. Use a large cup and a large spoon to keep the foam aside. Pour as much warm milk as you want into the espresso.
  • Use as much foam as you want on your latte. This can even be used when you are learning how to make a cappuccino at home.

This is probably the easiest latte recipe without machine that you will find online.


If you want to invest still in an espresso machine, there are many options under 100 which give you explicit instructions on How to Make a Latte with an Espresso Machine. From Capresso to Nespresso, the options are many. Pick the right one today.


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