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With roots reaching back to the 60’s, Peet’s Coffee has a huge variety of offerings to choose from, including Peet’s House Blend. As he used this Latin American blend to acquaint newbies to coffee back in the day, its current value reaches far beyond the introductory phase.

Novices and coffee veterans alike will appreciate the wise Mister Peet’s ingenious formulation for its complexity. It’s bright and lively, yet in an understated way. And, though it’s surprisingly light, it’s a deep roast, maximizing the highlands’ flavor potential.

To say Peet’s House Blend is “balanced” is an understatement. It is glorious! Unless, of course, you believe “balanced” equals “boring,” which in this case it most certainly does not. The brightness doesn’t overpower the nutty nuances, nor does the sweetness argue with the hint of boldness. Sheer perfection!

As compared to Starbucks House Blend, Peet’s House Blend is brighter and bolder, seemingly more complex. While this also pairs beautifully with a blueberry scone, it’s an ideal way to start the day or maintain for trudging through it. No matter the time, this blend is sure to awaken the winner within you.

Among Peet’s top-selling Deep Roasts are:

  • Arabian Mocha-Java
  • House Blend
  • Major Dickason’s Blend
  • Sumatra

Compared to Peet’s best-selling coffee of all time, Major Dickason’s Blend, Peet’s House Blend has a much lighter body and brighter flavor. Though they’re both exquisite deep roasts, Major Dickason’s is a combination of beans from the world’s top growing regions, resulting in fuller body and more balanced than the single region’s House Blend’s medium body, verging slightly more along the lines of “brightness.”

While both blends can be ordered according to your preferred customized grind (drip/French Press/espresso) or by maintaining the integrity of the whole bean, both blends are superb as a drip coffee or French Press. Not to discredit the House Blend, but save brewing as espresso for the namesake.

Whatever the day and no matter the occasion, the next time you host a party at your house, either alone or with others, be sure Peet’s House Blend rises to the top of your VIP list.

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