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There are many designs of top rated french presses in the market today. This KONA French Press Review tells you what distinguishes one from the other. Better features, delectable brew and a good number of cups that it gives at once make it a must-have. No kidding. Kona Coffee Press has marked a name of its own in the French press business. With its modern design, it adds a charm of its own to your kitchen counter. Well, that definitely can’t be the only reason for you to buy this model. So, what is it that makes this one an excellent choice.

To begin with, it comes with a high-quality carafe. This is because of the sophisticated yet durable shield it has. This is like a protective cover, and you can be assured that there will be no breakage. Here’s a model that stands above the rest not just because of its fine art of coffee making but the impeccable design and internal components that make it perfect, this promises an overall customer satisfaction.

This review breaks down the most important aspects of this French press and tells you why and what makes it work for you.



Perfect Carafe

The Kona French Press Coffee Maker Glass carafe that is made from borosilicate glass that comes with a well protected plastic grip. This is a sound alternative when you want something with strong and also increases durability. This feature is to ensure that your press does not crack easily and is built to last. It is thermal shock resistant.

Sturdy Handle

It’s sturdy, and easy-to-grip is quite firm. This is a feature that many brands fail at. Kona Coffee Press comes with a handle that is not going to die anytime soon. This is what makes it a hit with its buyers.

Many Brews At Once

This is your Kona French Press 34 oz which means it can hold up to 1 liter at a time. Now, that’s a lot. If you are someone who lives with many friends or a big family that love coffee, you are going to love this. So all these coffee parties can now happen at home with ease.

Protective Design

Around the glass, the carafe is a protective layer that wraps around the pot to ensure there is no damage to it, and it is resistant to chipping of any kind. But this doesn’t mean that they are sacrificing with its look. The look is still classy. This is heat resistant wrap. It comes with a plastic handle, and this makes it easy to protect even if it’s about to fall.

BPA Free Plastic Lid

The lid of this French press is made of HDPE. It is also BPA free. But the internal surface is made of stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Filter

The filter system is detachable and 3-piece. It comes with a rubber plunger knob. Here you will also find a metal plunger that comes installed correctly in the press. The best part is that you can even get two extra filter screens which work extremely well in case of the coffee spills over time.

KONA French Press ReviewBenefits


When you use the Best Beans for French, this one makes them best. You just have to put the coffee beans in a single large 34 oz glass, and the easy manual will tell you what to do with it.


This is one design that has a two-fold purpose. There is one layer outside and stainless steel inside. While the outer layer protects it from damage, the inner layer is a durable option that you can’t ignore. Stainless steel has always been the best materials for any coffee machine.


If you have a stylish kitchen and are often wondering if your French coffee press will make it boring, rest easy. These are interesting times when a coffee maker like this is designed to blend well with the rest of your kitchen decor. It’s chic; it’s stylish, and it’s useful.


You can easily carry this one around and not have to worry about the ease. This is a sturdy and clever design that is made to perfection, and the size makes it quite comfortable to carry around.


This is a comfortable French Press to use when you want something that doesn’t give you trouble with cleaning. It takes only a few minutes to give you the best brew, and once you have it, you can clean the entire press within minutes too.


  • Presented in a cute gift box that can easily be used to gift any friend who is a tea or espresso lover.
  • BPS / BPA-free lid. This means that the plastic will be mixed into your beverage even by mistake. This is to ensure that the flavor of your drink is not interfered with.
  • This French press is non-electric. You can carry it around, it doesn’t make any noise, and it comes with some of the best features you’ve seen in French presses around the world.
  • It is designed to avoid any spills. It comes with an easy-pour spout design that is a perfect style to minimize any spill
  • You can pack it around as it’s compatible and convenient.
  • It is dishwasher friendly which makes it so easy to clean and good to use.


  • When people want Brewing French Press Coffee, it has to come with the right flavor and at a right temperature. This is why the use of borosilicate glass makes the French press work efficiently at boiling temperatures without worrying about the cracking. This has made this one a hot favorite among all.
  • It comes with a fresh and convenient carafe that comes in good quality, and it comes with a plastic lid. This is made with HDPE (high-density polyethylene). It is also BPA free.
  • The Kona French Press is easy to use. The filter traps the residue at the bottom that makes washing easy too. And the internal surface is made of stainless steel. This is why it is a hit with users. The design is high quality.


  • The one thing that can put some users off is the fragility of the screen. It has a great finish, excellent cuts and impeccable design, but you cannot rely on it at a time, especially if you are a rough handler of things.


When it comes to making coffee, the simplest functions work best for most. If you are the kind who is constantly on the run, this one with its three filters may not be the best option as washing them can be troublesome. But work with little patience, and you will find this model to be the simplest version of a French press. It doesn’t get better. Most fancy machines are also dull and fragile and over sensitive. This is a myth this KONA French Press Review will revoke. Its maintenance is slightly on the higher end but involves no cost, only patience. When you want something perfect at a good price, excellent design and with delectable brews this is an option you cannot ignore. After all, great drinks are not simple to make.

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