How to Use Krups Espresso Machine 

Not many know that the coffee we all have fallen in love with over and over again, the frothy ‘cappuccino,’ actually gets its name from the ancient Italian word ‘cappuccio.’ This term is referred to the hood of the robes worn by monks of the Capuchin order! If that is a bit confusing to you, the hood of these monks had a color that was strikingly similar to the cappuccino style of brewed coffee. Well, it is no secret that we all depend on our morning cup of espresso to get us out of our sleep and into our office pants. However, brewing the perfect coffee is not everybody’s cup of tea or coffee!

To help you with this, the Krups Espresso and Coffee Machine comes totally equipped with all the mechanisms needed to give you that perfect cup of delish cappuccino every single time. In this article, we teach you how to use Krups espresso machine for that frothy foamy goodness in your morning or evening cuppa!


How to use Krups espresso machine for the yummiest cappuccino in town

How to Use Krups Espresso Machine

Fill the Carafe with Water

The coffee machine comes with a glass carafe that needs to be filled with water or milk according to the kind of coffee you desire. This carafe is marked with measurements on the sides so that you know exactly how many cups you are pouring in. Your first job is to fill this carafe with just enough water for the cappuccino to froth well. Refer to the Krups XP4030 Instruction Manual for the measurements required for the type of cappuccino you love.

Make the Espresso

The next step is slightly more complicated since it involves making the espresso for your coffee. For those who do not know their coffee lingo well, the espresso is Italian for ‘strong black coffee’ that is made by pressure-blowing steam through ground coffee. The better the quality of your coffee beans, the stronger your espresso will be! You can make your espresso at home, or if you are not that specific, you can just get a good espresso from the supermarket. The Krups Coffee Maker with Espresso is designed to give you a beautifully frothy cappuccino, no matter where the espresso is prepared. So do not worry about your espresso not being good enough!

Get Ready for Some Frothing

The Krups Coffeemaker comes with a specially designed frothing pitcher that gives your cappuccino that deliciously frothy layer of foam on top. Your next job will be to pour cold milk into this pitcher so that it is half-full. Be careful with this measurement since you do not want your cup to be filled with only foam and no coffee!

Set to Froth your Milk

Your Krups machine is digitally advanced, and you can easily get the hang of all the instructions once you go through the official Krups 871 User Manual or the Krups Online Manual. Set your machine to the ‘froth your milk’ mode and position the machine to match the icon that reads ‘cup.’

Press “O” 

After your machine has been rightly placed, move the selector switch to the position marked by an ‘O’ just when the espresso is reaching the steaming indicator visible on top of your glass carafe.


Then, froth your milk by placing the steam nozzle around halfway through the frothing pitcher. Then, turn the switch on to the steaming position. Let it froth for around a minute and allow the milk to settle before you turn the switch back to the original ‘cup’ position.

Your Hot Cup of Coffee is ready!

All that you need to do now is to assemble your cappuccino in your favorite mug, and you have yourself the perfect cup of coffee to lift up your mood instantly!

The Krups cappuccino and espresso maker is the best thing you can gift yourself or your loved ones this holiday season. There are numerous suggestions and recipes for various Italian and European style coffees in the Krups instruction manual. You can also learn how to clean a Krups Coffee Maker from these Krups manuals online. Once you know how to use Krups espresso machine, even the laziest couch potatoes will love making their cappuccino at home instead of going over to a café!

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