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So, you have finally mastered the art of brewing the perfect cup of espresso. But, do you still feel that there is something amiss in your coffee? Well, chances are that the coffee powder you use is not as perfect as it seems to be. You might be aware that among all things that make up a perfect cup of coffee, the most crucial ingredient is the coffee powder that you use. So, instead of going for the ready made powder you get in the retail stores why not invest in one of the best coffee grinders that are available in the market these days?

Features to Consider when Buying an Espresso Grinder

When looking for an espresso grinder for your home or your workplace, there are a few features to take into consideration that will help you to get the best espresso grinder.


The power of a coffee grinder is stated in watts. The higher the wattage of the grinder, the better would be the result. Some of the best grinders have a power of up to 300 watts.


You will come across various coffee grinders with varying sizes. Depending on your want, you can pick a grinder accordingly. In case you are buying a grinder for your home, one with a small capacity will suffice. Nevertheless, if you are purchasing this for your business, it would be better into invest in a commercial espresso grinder.

Best Espresso GrinderCoarseness Options

The espresso grinders are widely classified as stepped grinders and step fewer grinders. The stepped grinders allow you to choose a setting for the kind of coarseness you would prefer to have, for the coffee powder. Depending on your mood, you might want an espresso, French press or an automatic drip. In such a scenario, your stepped espresso grinder should be able to meet your needs. Most of the top rated espresso grinders are stepped grinders. Step-less grinders, on the other hand, have a knob that help in grinding the beans but have no determinant to choose the coarseness.

Doser vs. Doserless

Doserless Coffee grinders grind the coffee beans and dispense the ground coffee directly into a container of top rated espresso machine or a brewing device. On the other hand, grinders with doser, store the ground coffee in a container which can be extracted as per the requirement. Doserless grinders are the best coffee grinders for French press but given the mess they create; they are not much suited for commercial use.

Auto-off Feature

An auto off feature in the coffee grinder means you won’t have to hover around while the coffee grinds. This allows you to attend to your work and ensures that the coffee is ground in accordance with the settings you choose. Some of the best espresso grinders have this option and thus allow you to multitask.

Types of Espresso Grinders

Based on the kind of mechanism used to grind the coffee beans, espresso grinders are divided into three different categories.

Blade Grinders

As the name suggests, these coffee grinders consist of blades like the traditional mixer grinders that rotate to grind the coffee beans. One of the main advantages of these espresso grinders is that these are quite economical. However, the major disadvantage is that you need to keep an eye on the grinding process to ensure that you get the fancied result.

Burr Grinders

These grinders consist of the wheel like attachments which while rotating, crush the coffee beans and hence work towards bringing out the maximum flavour of the beans. Whether you are looking for the best burr coffee grinder for home use or commercial use, its coarseness setting feature and auto off functions lets you focus on the other tasks while grinding the coffee.

Grind and Brew Coffee Makers

If you have been looking for a coffee maker for quite some time, it would be a good idea to buy one of that grind and brew coffee makers, which can grind the coffee beans as well as brew you a perfect cup of coffee. Whether for home or commercial use, you can find the best coffee makers with grinders online or in a store near you.


Once you have decided on what kind of coffee grinder you need and what your requirement is, it would be quite easy to choose one that would be perfect for you. In case, you find it hard to make a decision, going through the list of best coffee grinders of 2015 will give you a fair idea. So, go ahead and get that grinder for the perfect cuppa every time.

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