Starbucks Set to Launch Cold Brew

Sure, any Starbucks fan knows that “iced coffee” was already on the menu, but with the upcoming release of its cold brew, that begs the question: what were they serving previously?

Right. It used to be that Starbucks had a specific type of coffee for their iced coffee. Baristas would brew the coffee double strength, and then dilute it with ice. And, then it would be served with more ice.

It had its place, for sure. But in the meantime, their “rival,” Caribou, was already serving “Cold Press.” Was it pressed? No, but it wasn’t brewed hot, either. In their case, the beans are soaked in coldish water overnight, the grounds get scooped off the top in the morning, and the remaining coffee is filtered and served. Iced, and often with white chocolate syrup.

But alas, after a test run on the Coasts, Starbucks will be releasing its new and improved (actually) cold brew the end of March in nearly three thousand stores across the US and Canada.

Those who work in research and development for Starbucks (with whom I suspect we’d all like to be friends) have chosen a blend of coffees from Africa and Latin America.  However, it’s not so fashionably named “Cold Brew Blend.” At twenty hours of brew time, at least its name clearly states its purpose.

Starbucks tried experimenting with a variety of coffees from around the world with different brewing methods and temperatures. The coffee shop’s new offering possesses citrus overtones and chocolate nuances.

With the help of companies like TODDY, you can easily craft cold coffee at home for your coffee fix just in case you’re not near a Starbucks shop. In the market for more than a decade, Toddy has cold brewing down to an art form.

Okay, so Starbucks probably isn’t using a Toddy product to make theirs, but there is a variety of products available on the net to make your cold brew coffee at home. You can Google more information and recipes, or check Amazon for cold brewing accessories to try your hand at it.

You still have options, remember. You can ice your leftover coffee and take it on the run with you. You can put your leftovers in the fridge for later. You can brew your coffee extra strong and pour it over ice. Shoot, for that matter, you can use your leftover coffee to make coffee ice cubes! Or, you can steep your grounds in chilly water. Or, you can go to Starbucks.

Whatever you do, give this whole iced coffee thing a try. Probably two. It won’t take long to determine how you like your iced coffee the best. No matter what we’re talking about, options are good. Do take some time to enjoy some cold brew!

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