Seattle Best Coffee House Blend Whether Or Not You’re at Home

With the “Seattle’s Best” tagline proudly atop their House Blend label, the pressure’s on like a diamond in the rough: Is SBC House Blend really the best?Though the SCB House Blend is advertised for pairing with your favorite flavored coffee creamer, and has the ability to stand up to it, it may not be anything worth writing home about…then again, from a business perspective, perhaps it is.

Since the 1970’s Seattle’s Best has been vying for such a title, and after winning a local coffee competition in 1991, this title stuck and the company re-branded. In the face of other local coffee competition, e.g., Starbucks, SBC stayed the course and kept searching for its niche.

As with said competition, SBC House Blend is 100% Arabica beans. Ironically, SBC was acquired by Starbucks back in 2003.

While the SBC House Blend may not have the same brightness as SBUX, its “Medium & Smooth” classification seems to provide enough of a step up from common household names like Folgers and Maxwell House to rise above, yet the company is able to maintain a higher standard at a more reasonable price point than Starbucks.

Though coffee companies often suggest brewing their beans in a proportion of 2 Tablespoons per 6 ounces of water, with Seattle’s Best only 1 Tablespoon is suggested.

Maybe that’s where they’ve found, and developed, their niche – in the less demanding (not so high maintenance?) crowd.

Of course, you can always tweak it to make it your way…like at Burger King, where they proudly serve Seattle’s Best. It should always be made fresh, like at Subway. You can trust it while flying Delta. Get Out There and try it with Royal Caribbean. Regardless, it will be amazing, like AMC.

Wherever you are, Seattle’s Best Coffee provides a good coffee on an even better budget. Try it and see. You’ll have to decide for yourself if SBC House Blend is the newest standard of excellence for your house.

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