Presto Coffee Percolator 02811 Review

The Presto Coffee Percolator 02811 is one of the most classic coffee makers out there, today. It comes with some of the most distinct features that give you a perfect brew within minutes. This is your traditional percolator design and comes with impressive innovation and modern technology.

This is nothing big that will take up a lot of space in your kitchen, in fact when you have a space crunch; you use this machine to help you organized better. This Presto 02811 Review tells you more about what makes the Presto a hit, why you should buy it, and reasons that compel you to try it in your routine. When you want both design and performance, Presto Coffee Makers are the ultimate choice.



Presto 02811 ReviewBeautiful Design

If you are dealing with less counter top space, this one is definitely for you. It is a small device that comes with a stainless steel percolator, with a tiny drip unlike other models found on the market today. You can store it anywhere you want. So when you don’t want a bulky design, this works best.

Great Performance

When you don’t know what a percolator is, this machine makes it easy for you to understand. The percolator (a pot that makes coffee) comes with a small chamber at the bottom so that you can fill water quickly. And this can be placed right over the heating source that makes space even more.

Electric Use

This is not your traditional percolator, in fact, it lets you produce your heating source and is electric. So when the water comes to a boil, it shoots up the perk tube, from where it infiltrates the coffee. Now, this is a process that ensures you are served fresh coffee.

Hot Coffee For Long

This is your electric percolator that breathes high technology. So your coffee will stay at just the right temperature as the technology is such that you will not have to have stale coffee.

Presto 02811 ReviewRemovable Cord

Presto Stainless Coffee Maker comes with a removable cord, a feature not easily found in many other models. It makes it convenient to store but is an excellent option for those with small coffee business on the side.

Brewing Power

Call it a little machine, but it comes with incredible brewing power. This comes with 120v, and can make up to 12 cups of coffee in literally 12 minutes! If you are in a hurry and don’t want 12 cups in one go, you can pause and take just two.

Single Light Indicator

This has a singular light indicator to let you know when your coffee is ready.Just plug it in, and you will know when the coffee is ready.

Presto Coffee Maker Stainless Steel

The finish is great as it is made of stainless steel. And the filter basket is also the same material. This works great for a sophisticated look and increases durability. Perfect for those who love good looking coffee machines.

Stainless Steel Sprout

Now, this is one machine that comes with a great spout to pour your coffee. Because there’s absence of lid on top, you just have to pour once you lift.


  • Rich: The machine brews great-tasting coffee-rich.
  • Quick: The rules are simple—one minute for a cup and automatic heating.
  • Easy-pour spout: This is an excellent way to pour your coffee without spilling it everywhere.
  • Steel: This coffee machine is built to last. It is made of stainless steel and is sturdy. Easy to clean.
  • Perk Tube: This machine also includes a stainless steel perk tube and filter basket. This is perfect if you are looking at a long lasting model.


  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • Makes 4 to 12 cups coffee automatically
  • You can make one a cup a minute.
  • Automatic lights to tell you when the coffee is ready.
  • Attractive
  • Perk Tube and Filter Basket included in stainless steel.


  • No-spill thermal carafe, so you don’t have to worry about tidying up all the time.
  • Relatively small which makes it easy for you to use it even if you live in a smaller place.
  • Pours well. Credit it to the spout that makes it convenient.
  • There’s no plastic involved so no harmful chemicals involved in brewing. Works wonders for all. A straightforward way to brew. Automatic drip helps you use it with ease.
  • Light Filter basket
  • Easy to clean. If the filter basket clogs, just follow simple steps to clean it. The manual is handy. Tough as it is made entirely of stainless steel.


  • Some find turning the bloom function on/off a bit annoying.
  • The water comes out of showerhead holes
  • Some complain of the short power cord
  • Thin stainless steel construction makes some people feel it’s not as strong.


Overall, the verdict of this Presto 02811 Review says that this is for anyone who wants not just something durable but also classy. Call it classic all you want, but this is not old fashioned. It’s a small wonder but more suited for business houses. Again, those who love their coffee, not the go, the college goers, bachelors and just lazy ones who love waking up to instant coffee, this is a must have of kinds for them. This is not just innovation at its best; it’s also a device that’s remarkably modern in its approach. The classic design brightens up any kitchen. Percolators as a family of coffee machines too have been known to brew some of the best coffee over the years.

Last but not the least, you pay for the service you get here. Totally worth every penny spent. And its modern features make it even more interesting a concept to try.

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Presto Coffee Percolator 02811 Review

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