PODiSTA Hot Chocolate Nespresso Capsules Review

I received Nespresso capable Hot Chocolate capsules from PODiSTA for the review. I love hot chocolate, but it’s hard to find good one in states. When PODiSTA company contacted with me I was  excited to try it out especially because it comes in the capsule.

PODiSTA sent to me different variety hot chocolate flavors: regular, mint, caramel, hazelnut and of course coffee. Oh yes, this company also makes great coffee. I love their double shot coffee capsule, really intense note.

Since I haven’t try hot chocolate from the capsule before I was as usual set Nespresso machine to lungo mode and just pour hot chocolate to see how it is. I like it, but something was missing. Then I read instructions on the back of the package which recommends for the better taste use 2 shots of espresso size hot chocolate and 100ml of milk. Aha!

I add 100ml of milk to the Nespresso Aeroccino to froth it and then I poured hot chocolate in the cup with the milk.

Let me tell you this: The taste is amazing. It’s not better than hot chocolate made with real boiled chocolate, but it’s better than any other hot chocolate you can buy in the store to make at home.

PODiSTA Double Shot PODiSTA Hot Chocolate PODiSTA Hot Chocolate Mint

Would I recommend PODiSTA Hot Chocolate capsule for coffee lovers? Of course yes. Also since they have different flavors it makes it even more desirable. I like the mix of 1 mint flavor capsule mixed with 1 regular hot chocolate capsule and of course don’t forget to add milk. I will need to order more from them now for myself and for gifts to my hot chocolate lovers friends.

If you are lover of ice coffee or ice hot chocolate then you can use them too, just add ice to the cup.

You can check PODiSTA website where they offers different variety of coffee and hot chocolate flavors capsules.

Review: Podista Hot Chocolate

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