Latte vs Cappuccino

There are countless addictions available in the world. One of the most prominent ones that make most of the world go gaga is coffee. A coffee addict would not even open up the eyes without smelling the fragrance of the hot cup of coffee at the side table. There are lots of variants for the coffee, and that is probably the reason behind the experimental traits of the coffee lovers. Though the discussion over latte vs cappuccino has no end, there are still numerous people who don’t even know the difference between the two.

Albeit, the health impact of the excess intake of coffee has always been a debatable issue, but if you believe some of the scientists, then the coffee keeps you healthy. And, it has given you another reason to have another cup of coffee. Whether you like to have the widely acceptable cappuccino or the delicious latte, the chances of you pointing out the difference between the two are somewhat low. But, don’t worry. If you don’t know the difference between the two, then have a read here and understand your coffee in depth.

Cappuccino vs Latte


The word  ‘Latte’ denotes milk coffee. There might not be a single coffee lover who hasn’t tried the latte yet. The intriguing combination of espresso and milk not just makes it look captivating but adds more to its delicious taste. The three parts of the steamed milk are actually what make the latte tastier. If you are going for a hot latte, then you will be served it in a wide cup. Otherwise, the iced latte will come in a large glass to you. The call of adding sugar to latte is totally yours. Mostly, people prefer it with sugar.

If you have been experiencing the deliciousness of latte, then you wouldn’t have neglected the usual foam on the top. That is what that intensifies your taste buds even more. If you are going to order a cup of latte in a hotel or a restaurant, then you would surely get to experience the latte art made with the froth. But, don’t forget to tell the right amount of milk to the barista so that you can enjoy your coffee without any discomfort. Also, there are various coffee making machines available as well that can allow you to make a cup of latte on your own and enjoy your coffee whenever you want.  mr-coffee-cafe-barista-premium-espresso-cappuccino-system


This is the most popular and quite favorite drink among every individual. Cappuccino was originated in Italy, and today it is considered as the quintessential coffee drink. The drink is prepared with the equal amounts of espresso, steamed milk, and froth. The preparation of cappuccino starts with the espresso, followed by steamed milk, and in the end foam. Unlike latte, the cappuccino is prepared with the milky froth and not the plain one. Also, cappuccino has two variants; Italian cappuccino and American cappuccino.

Everyone has their ways of enjoying a cappuccino drink. Some like it with cocoa powder, some go for the chocolate syrup, while some just only go for the standard coffee made with espresso and steamed milk only. The experiments that you do with the cappuccino further turn the drink more delicious and tempting. If it is too hot outside, then you can get an iced cappuccino, reduce the quantity of milk in the coffee and you will get a different taste altogether, you can even pour skimmed milk in your cappuccino if you are health conscious. In short, there are various experiments to do with this drink. You can search for the best homemade cappuccino recipe and prepare your drink as you please.


Most of the time, people mix up both the drinks and also get confused between cappuccino vs coffee caffeine, merely because both the drinks demand the same ingredients. Although, if you prepare coffee at your house, then you might only know the one style, if you search a bit, then you will get to know that different countries have their distinct styles to present the same drinks. And, you can also experiment with the different tastes.

However, the prominent different between the two coffees is that latte needs a lot of milk, a bit of foam, and 1/3 espresso. On the other hand, the milk, foam, and espresso go in a balanced quantity in cappuccino. Bring home cappuccino machines and have a cup of coffee anytime you want.

The coffee lovers would not surely differentiate much between the two flavors. They will love the latte as much as they will love the cappuccino. Here is the latte vs cappuccino review. Now, the choice is yours. You can even bring the coffee making machine at home and enjoy your drinks.


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