How to Use Espresso Machine

A cup of espresso can cheer anyone up at any time of the day. An espresso coffee has a rich aroma and creamy taste that can uplift your spirits. It is made by forcing boiling water through the coffee powder little by little. You can enjoy the espresso coffee with milk or as espresso shots.

If you wish to enjoy rich espresso coffee at home on a daily basis, then it best to invest in an espresso machine. Also, you can install the espresso machine anywhere, be it your home or office. Besides, it is not very difficult to learn how to use espresso machine. There are a few easy steps to be followed. Let us discuss them. Mr. Coffee Espresso Maker



Making espresso with the machine

  1. You will require espresso coffee beans, filtered water, and castor sugar. If you wish, you can use whipped cream.
  2. Firstly you need to grind the coffee beans. Put the coffee beans in the coffee machine grinder and grind them extremely fine like granulated sugar. You can also grind the coffee beans separately if your machine does not have a grinder.
  3. Then pour the filtered water into the water tank of the machine. It is crucial that you use the filtered water for a better flavour of the coffee. Remember to fill the water up to the marked level for the perfect cup of coffee.
  4. Next, put the freshly ground coffee into the portafilter. Make sure that you have filled the portafilter up to the brim. Remove the excess coffee powder.
  5. Using the tamping tool press the coffee in the portafilter as firmly as you can. Again remove the excess coffee powder and press the coffee again very firmly.
  6. Place the coffee mug under the espresso machine and attach the portafilter to the coffee machine.
  7. Then start the espresso machine and within a minute, you will enjoy freshly brewed coffee.
  8. You can also add whipped cream to it.

Apart from using espresso machine you can also learn how to use espresso pot or stove top espresso maker to make espresso coffee. The espresso pot is a very traditional method of making espresso. It was invented and patented by Luigi Bialetti. The espresso pot is very easy to use. Here are some simple steps that can enable you to learn how to use the stove top espresso maker very efficiently.

Simple steps to use stove top espresso maker or espresso pot

  1. The stovetop espresso coffeemaker is usually divided into three containers. The lower tank is for water; the second one is for the coffee. The uppermost container is for collecting the coffee.
  2. Separate all the three sections. Pour water into the bottom container and hen adjust the safety valve of the container.
  3. Then put coffee into the middle one and press it down gently. Ensure that no coffee is spilled on the edges.
  4. Put all the sections of the coffee maker together and put the steaming valve over it.
  5. Next, switch on your gas and put it on medium flame. Place the espresso pot in such a way that the valve is pointed away from you.
  6. Remember not use microwave while you are using espresso pot.
  7. After a couple of minutes, you will see few bubbles appearing, lower the heat and let the coffee percolate.
  8. Once the topmost container filled with espresso, the coffee is ready to be enjoyed.

The coffee made in a stovetop espresso coffee maker is delicious. You can easily buy some of the best stovetop espresso makers online at reasonable prices.


Thus, learning how to operate espresso machines or espresso pots is very easy. All you need is some practice and your morning cup is ready in a couple of minutes. Also, consuming one cup of espresso coffee in the morning has several health benefits. Coffee can help you to lose weight, prevent type 2 diabetes and prevent Parkinson’s as well. Hence, investing in an espresso machine or espresso pot can contribute a great deal to your overall well-being. Also, you can learn how to make cappuccino with an espresso machine or espresso pot. Besides, you can make a Macchiato, Café Americano and many different types of coffee at your home. In this way, you can enjoy a huge variety of coffee at home at any time.

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