How to Make Espresso with a Coffee Maker

Coffee lovers can be found all around the globe, and though each one of us has different taste preference and favorite item in the menu, one thing remains common in all of us, we can’t compromise with the taste that we love in our coffee. If you like making coffee in a coffee maker and want to know how to make the best espresso in your coffee maker back home, read ahead.

How to Make Espresso with a Coffee Maker


How to make espresso in a coffee maker

Making great tasting coffee is an art in itself, and though various coffee varieties are popular all around the globe, the most consumed coffee beverage remains a cup of espresso. How to use coffee maker to make espresso is a relatively easy affair and you can make espresso with regular coffee at your home if the beans or the grind is fresh. Let’s find out How to Make Espresso with a Coffee Maker.


  • Ground espresso beans: Freshly ground espresso beans are key to brewing a cup of espresso that tastes great. If you have a bean grinder, it would be ideal for you to use fresh grounds every time but if you do not, buy the commercial ground coffee that is closest to the roast date.
  • Pure water: You need to make sure that you only use filtered water while brewing your espresso cup, one that is not boiling and free of impurities. Boiling water hampers the brewing process and the minerals alter the taste of brewed espresso and hence only filtered water should be used.

Step to make Espresso

  • Coffee beans: The first step in making a shot of espresso is finding the ideal coffee beans. There is no such thing as best coffee for making espresso, and it all depends on your personal taste. Americans are inclined more towards darker beans, and so are the southern Italy folks. But in Northern Italy and most parts of Europe, light shade beans are preferred.
  • Grinding beans: Grinding the coffee beans is an art in itself. You do not want big coarse crumbles of coffee beans as they will easily let water percolate through them, and the brew will not be rich in flavors and acids. On the other hand, if the ground is too fine, the brew will take longer to process, and the coffee will come out bitter which is again bad.
  • Water: Now that your ground coffee is ready you need to fill the water reservoir of your espresso machine with purified water. This would complete the third step in brewing coffee using the espresso maker. Make sure you keep the water at a temperature close to 90C or 200F as most extraction will happen at close to this temperature.
  • Pouring ground coffee in tamper: How to make coffee becomes fairly straightforward if you know just how much ground coffee you need to fill in the tamper and how much pressure you should put to get that perfect brew. For one shot of espresso, you should pour about 7grams of ground coffee in the portafilter and apply pressure of around 30 pounds.
  • Brew process: Once you have poured the ground coffee into the portafilter and closed the lid to apply pressure on the beans, you need to turn on your coffee machine to start the brewing process. The first drops of coffee brew will start collecting in the carafe in 10 seconds, and the whole process will be completed in within a minute.

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Making coffee using an espresso coffee maker is easy, and all you need to do is pay attention to the details. If you understand the importance of coffee beans for the flavor you want in your coffee, and you know what texture your ground coffee should have, everything else comes secondary. Rest you can learn how to make the best espresso. If this is your first time brewing make sure your coffee beans are fresh and follow these steps to get a perfect coffee brew.

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