How to Make Coffee with a French Press

Perfect French press coffee tastes amazing and is prepared in less time than you can imagine. All you need to do is own a French press coffee maker, ground coffee and you are ready to go. French press coffee is known all around the globe for its smoothness and rich flavour and French press coffee recipes have a special place in the menu of every coffee house you can find. Let us delve deeper on How to use Bodum French press. How to Make Coffee with a French PressA French press coffee maker is rather easy to use and makes coffee within minutes. If you can take care of the small details, and use precaution while brewing and serving the coffee, there is hardly anything that can go wrong while you brew your coffee using a French press coffee maker. Are you still wondering how to make coffee with a French press? Using these six simple steps you can brew perfect coffee at your home using a French press coffee maker.

  • Step one: You would probably be having a glass French press coffee maker device as they are the most common as well as one of the best to brew coffee. When you use a glass French press coffee maker, your first step should always be to preheat the machine At this point you don’t need to add water to the coffee maker, just preheat it.
  • Step two: The second phase in French press coffee instructions is to ground your coffee beans. If you have a grinder at home and you grind your coffee beans yourself then make sure the coffee grounds do not do not become too powdery. A bit bigger granules will not only filter easily, but they will also provide a delicious flavour to your brewed coffee.
  • Step three: As you start grinding your coffee beans you should also start with the third step in the process. As you begin grinding the coffee beans, also pour water into your electric kettle and start heating it up to 205 degrees F. This will save you time and as soon as your coffee beans are ready so will be water for your coffee.
  • Step four: The fourth step of Bodum French press directions requires you to remove the lid of the French press coffee maker. When you raise the cover, make sure the plunger also comes out with the cap of the French press coffee maker. Since plunger is attached to the coffee maker lid, it will usually get out with the cover itself whenever you remove the lid.
  • Step five: To make the perfect coffee brew using the French press coffee maker the next step requires you to pour ground coffee beans into the base of the French press coffee maker. Make sure all the ground coffee reaches the bottom of the vessel and once you pour water into it, the ground coffee should be completely immersed in water.
  • Step Six: The sixth step in the process is pouring hot water into the French press coffee maker. Make sure that after you have poured the desired quantity of water, you close the lid of the French press coffee maker without pushing the plunger. The plunger should only be pressed when the coffee is ready to be brewed and not before that.
  • Step seven: The seventh step in the brewing process to make coffee using the French press coffee maker is a simple one and requires you to wait. After you have poured ground coffee and hot water into the coffee maker and closed the lid, wait for a minute or two to let the water absorb all the flavours and aroma of the coffee powder. The longer you wait, the stronger will the coffee be.
  • Step Eight: The final step of brewing coffee using a French press coffee maker is getting the brewed coffee out of the coffee maker and you can do so by pressing the plunger down. Make sure you do not use too much pressure too quickly while pressing the plunger down because it will not only make ground coffee to clog, but it will also mix the grounds with the brew.

How to use coffee press is a relatively straightforward affair and you can use a French press coffee maker at home and even at coffee shops to make perfectly brewed coffee within minutes. Make sure that you always wash the coffee maker after each and every use. This is because the coffee stains often carry with them oil and flavours which are not suitable for the taste of the next brew that you prepare.

To clean the coffee maker, you can use detergent as well as vinegar or baking soda. Cleaning the coffee maker is a relatively simple affair as well and regular cleaning will ensure that your coffee maker remains stain free for as long as you are using the coffee maker to brew coffee every day.


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