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Getting that cuppa’ joe right!

Not everyone can go a day without coffee. Getting up bleary-eyed and tired, coffee is that instant boost you need in the mornings. With so many types and so many flavors, coffee has gotten famous for being an instant perk and a versatile beverage.

Not only is coffee available readily and in different forms, but it also tastes best when it is freshly brewed. Learning how to make coffee in a coffee machine is a huge advantage as you can start your day with your coffee brewed to perfection.

Learning how to use coffeemaker is not that hard and can be mastered in a couple of tries. Just follow these steps below:

Add a filter

Do not go for generic paper filters for the filter basket. Add a good filter that will last longer and can give better results like a mesh filter. These are dependable and it is better to go for one that will be environmentally friendly. Although many coffee makers come with filters, it is useful to check it out before swapping it for a better one.

Figure out your coffee to water ratio

The standard amount of coffee to water ratio is two tablespoons of the brew for every six ounces of water. However, you know your taste buds the best. So figure out the right composition for your coffee with a few trials or, you can just check the instruction manual that you get with your coffee maker. If you are looking to make special brews, the composition is highly different so look it up before you attempt to make it.


New coffee makers are automatic and will start brewing at once while the others have manual time settings for you to brew your coffee just right.

These machines also come with a pause button. Usually, you have to wait until your coffee is completely brewed before you pour out a cup but if you are running short on time, the pause button comes in handy.

Change/Clean your filter

This is crucial as your coffee will taste bitter if you do not remove the filter on time. If you have been using a paper filter, just throw it away and replace it with a new one and if you are using a mesh filter, throw the coffee beans and wash it at once to avoid stains.

Knowing how to make coffee is a real advantage as it will be handy when you have to get ready for an early meeting or you are burning the midnight oil.

Using Coffee machines at home

Office coffee makers are easy to use as they are standard and have simplified knobs that spit out exactly what you need. If you are used to making your coffee, you might despise the composition though as it is made to suit the majority of taste buds. Knowing the art of making coffee will come in handy at this moment.

Percolator and how to make coffee

Presto Coffee MakerWith so many diverse types of coffee machine available in the market, one of the first things you have to do is learn how to make coffee in a percolator because they are versatile and easy to carry. This means you never have to go without your cuppa!

Similar to the methods of the normal electronic coffee maker, you have to grind the coffee beans and use filters. However, instead of pushing a button or connecting to a power source, the percolators are heated manually over a stovetop.

This comes in handy as it is easier to make your coffee in places where electronic plug points are not easily available, especially if you are on treks.

Electronic Percolators

Electronic percolators are also easily available and work on the same principle as the other commercial coffee makers. However, they are much simpler to use as they are built for the basic function of brewing coffee. The commercial coffee makers, on the other hand, have a lot more function built into it and you can make more complicated drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos and more if needed.

Buying a Coffee Machine

If you are not sure about the brand of the coffee maker to buy, try looking for those that will fulfil your daily need with ease. Suppose you are more of an espresso person and is just learning how to use a coffee machine, it does not make sense to buy an entirely new and blinged out coffee machine reviews that will cater to all your barista needs.

If you are the type of person who enjoys experimenting with different types of caffeinated drinks or live with people who have different coffee preferences, a complete coffee maker set will not only benefit you but is also highly dependable and considerably worth the price you pay for the same.

To know more about the coffee makers available, you can easily check out the links below and get the right coffee maker for you.


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