How to Make Coffee Drinks

How about imagining your day without a cup of your lovely coffee? Weird, I believe! Yes, it is. For most of us, coffee is a ‘kicker’ that gets us going throughout our day. Without a doubt, it is your energy cum ravishing drink. Well, most of the times you either compromise with it by preparing it at home or spend huge bucks at the coffee shop to get your favorite drink. What if every time you wish for coffee, you get favorite one and that too with an easy guide for making your favorite coffee drink? Alluring? Isn’t it? Read on to and get started with easy to make coffee drinks.


Make your Favorite Coffee Drinks with Easy Recipes

Coffee, being an exceptionally energizing drink is everyone’s favorite. Be it morning or evening coffee never fails to make your mood. At times, you do not feel like getting up and going to the coffee shop to grab a drink. We understand, so here bring you best recipes for espresso coffee drinks and other recipes that will help you to make wonderful coffee drinks for you and your guests. Well, without wasting any time let’s gets on how to make coffee drinks at home. Here are some easy to make coffee drinks.

Make Espresso at Home

How to Make Coffee DrinksWondering how to make espresso drinks? If you are a hot coffee lover, then you must be a big fan of espresso. No coffee lover can miss it. The best way to make espresso at home is to get an espresso machine. Once you have done that, the first important step is to buy your coffee beans from an expert supplier. Try to buy whole coffee beans and keep them in an airtight container. Roast these beans properly for good flavor. Grind them properly and remove all the moisture. You can use a tea towel to extract moisture content. Then tamp your coffee with a tamper to compact it evenly in a basket. This will give you even coffee. Save this for future and use it every time you need a cup of coffee. Before making your espresso, wash your machine by running some water in it. Lastly, make a balance for dry and wet espresso with water and milk according to your taste and brew it. Say for 30ml make it 30 seconds. Add sugar as per requirement. Serve yourself with freshly made coffee topping with cream over it. This is one of the tried and tested and the most basic espresso drink recipes.

Make Refreshing Frappe at Home

Making coffee drinks at home is not a cumbersome process, rather it easy and convenient. Making a cool Frappe is one of the most hassle-free coffee drinks. All you need to some double-strength coffee. You can also do with some cold-brewed coffee concentrate.  Next you need is some low-fat milk, sugar as per your taste. You can also add Whipped Cream or Chocolate sauce as per your liking. Pour coffee, milk and sugar,  in the blender, and throw some ice to make it extra chilly. Blend it for few seconds. That’s it. Pour into glass top it with chocolate sauce or whipped cream. Enjoy the coolest drink.

How to make a Cup of Café Latte

Making a cup of Café Latte is not a quiz anymore. You just need excellent espresso coffee, milk and a large cup and a jar. Add milk into a jar and screw the lid. Shake the jar until the milk is frothy.  Open the jar and put milk in the microwave for 30 seconds. Now add coffee in a mug and milk over it. You can also add foam over. Garnish it with cocoa powder. Your Café Latte is ready. Simple! Isn’t it?

You are ready to make your coffee

With these few recipes, you have the answer to how to make coffee. Now we are sure that you do have to run here and there to get ‘your type’ of coffee. All you need is great quality coffee beans, a few Specialty Espresso Drink Recipes, a guide on how to prepare an espresso at home, and you can easily make another cup for yourself and your favorite ones. However, if you are passionate about making great coffee every day, you must consider buying a coffee maker.

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