How to Clean Espresso Machine

A cup of coffee can make the world a better place and what better way to have coffee than at home, snuggling in your snooze lounge? We all love a brewing cuppa of freshly made cappuccino at home, especially during the frosty winters! On such days, an Espresso machine saves the day for the coffee addicts among us. However, there are days when you wake up all groggy and realize that your espresso machine needs to be descaled. Nothing can be worse than that you think to yourself and almost decide on skipping that cappuccino for the day! But wait, it is coffee we are talking about. You cannot postpone this by being lazy! So what is the easiest route to a sparkling coffee machine? How to descale your espresso machine without spending all morning on it? Let us find out how to clean espresso machine.

Instructions to clean your way to the next cup of awesomeness!


Clean the Machine with Vinegar

How to Clean Espresso MachineIf you do not want to use a branded espresso cleaner, you can easily make your descaling solution with a very simple ingredient that is readily available and also pretty cheap! Yes, you can clean espresso machine with vinegar. The vinegar or acetic acid that you use to cook your Chinese can also help you with descaling your coffee machine! For de-scaling espresso machine with vinegar, all you need to do is:

  • Add 3 oz. of vinegar to 20 oz. of water.
  • Let it flow through the maker.
  • After you have done this, run 3-4 times that amount of regular tap water through the machine.

An important question that is asked by most customers is ‘what is in descaling solution? Hopefully, now you’ve got your answer! It is primarily citric acid or acetic acid that helps in the descaling function. That’s why you should never leave your descaling solution in the machine for longer than necessary while Descaling Nespresso with Vinegar!

Disassemble the frothing wand

The frothing wand is kind of like a magic wand for your espresso maker. It is the part of the machine that helps froth up your coffee and gives you that perfect bubbling cup of coffee every single time! It is quite evident that the frothing wand is an essential part of the coffee machine. To clean your frothing wand, you need to disassemble it first. There are tiny rubber gaskets attached to the ends of the wand. So when they pop out during the process, be careful not to lose them! Also, make sure you put them back in the way they were attached.

Cleaning out the Brew Head

Cleaning the brew head is an important part of the de-scaling process since this is where the water comes out from! Almost all top  espresso machines have a removable brew head which is attached with a single screw onto the main body of the Espresso machine. To open up the brew head in your espresso or Nespresso machine, just tilt it to one side and carefully open up the brew head. Now, just use an old toothbrush or a circular brush to do the job for you. What you must understand is that you should be able to reach into all those corners of the head.

More Water Please!

Once you have thoroughly scrubbed out your brew head, frothing wand and checked those stubborn un-scaled bits on your machine’s walls, run loads of water through it to flush out all that ‘fossilized’ coffee from your espresso machine.

Voila! You have a perfectly clean Nespresso machine waiting for you the next time you are in need of a warm cup of heaven! Descaling Keurig Coffee Maker with Vinegar is an excellent way to clean out your coffee machine quickly without going out to the supermarket or ordering one online. Vinegar is always there on our kitchen shelves and is also an incredible Descaling Solution for Nespresso Machines.

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