How to Clean a French Press

Cleaning a French press coffee maker is not easy, especially with all that clump of wet ground coffee that not only clogs your sink pipelines, and it also makes the entire process a hideous experience. But with the right ingredients, French press clean up looks a relatively simple affair. Here is how to clean coffee press. 

Ingredients required:

The ingredients that we are about to use to clean our French press coffee maker can be used to clean any type of coffee pot and coffee brew machine and these ingredients alone are enough to remove the stains of ground coffee. With their help, cleaning a coffee maker is lot easier than you might think.

  • Vinegar: Vinegar is one of the best known natural stain removers to man and it works amazingly well when cleaning or removing coffee stains. Its acidic properties are highly effective in getting rid of any type of coffee stain. You don’t need to read a book on how to clean a French press. If you can just do this right, you can clean your French press in no time every time, all the time.
  • Vinegar and table salt: If you are of the opinion that your coffee maker is stained to the utmost degree and vinegar alone might not be enough to remove all the coffee stains from you coffee maker you can go ahead and use a mixture of table salt and vinegar. The combination of table salt and vinegar works wonders while cleaning coffee stains.
  • Baking soda: Baking soda again is one of the best known stain removers and the advantage it has when you clean your coffee maker using baking soda is that it does not leave behind any odour or taste.
  • Dish washer: You can also clean your coffee maker using powdered dishwasher and water. Against the contrary belief, dish washer does serve as a very good cleaning agent for coffee makers having ground coffee stains but it would require you to keep the dishwasher and water mixture in the coffee maker overnight for best effects.
  • Denture cleaning balls: Denture cleaning balls also make it easy to clean French press. Denture cleaning balls need to be kept in the French press coffee maker overnight along with already poured water. The stains are perfectly removed when you rinse out the solution in the morning without leaving behind any stain or taste.
  • Lemon: Lemon forms a very important part of the ingredients and it is highly useful in getting rid of the stains. You can use lemon to grease the entire coffee maker before using other ingredients to clean it. This will reduce the tight grip of stains and make them easy to remove from the coffee maker.

Once you have gathered any one of the cleaning agent as discussed above, cleaning the French press coffee maker is a relatively easy affair and would not require much of your time. In order to perfectly clean the French press you would also require a brush which can be used to remove stains. For this purpose you can also use rice or very small pebbles but the brush is the most convenient option.

Cleaning the French press coffee maker: 

  • How to Clean a French PressUsed grounds: Cleaning with coffee grounds is difficult and if you do not remove coffee grounds before cleaning the coffee maker then the coffee grounds might end up clogging your sink. The best option for you is to dump the coffee grounds in the dustbin before you start cleaning your coffee machine thereby getting clogging out of question at inception.
  • Wash: Washing the coffee maker is the second step of the process and it can take as much time as you can afford to give it. You can use any one of the above mentioned ingredients along with the brush to remove coffee stains from the coffee maker. The best advice would be to de-assemble the entire thing, and let it soak in detergent before cleaning it.
  • Scrubbing: Scrubbing is important because without scrubbing there is no other way to remove the stains and coffee stains over the coffee maker not only don’t look good, they also don’t taste good. Hence after you have de-assembled your coffee maker and soaked it in one of the above mentioned ingredients you need to scrub every part of coffee maker.
  • Drying: When you are done with removing coffee grounds, de-assembling the coffee maker and scrubbing the fourth and the final step in the process is drying the coffee maker and re-assembling it back. You can wipe off the liquid using a cloth or blow dry the entire arrangement as well, the choice is yours.

Cleaning a French press coffee maker can be a time consuming process since coffee stains are not all that easy to remove, but be rest assured, these above mentioned techniques will not only clean your French press assembly, they will make it glitter and the coffee would never taste better. Considering this, a little effort is a small price to pay.

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