How Much Coffee in a French Press

If you like your coffee brewed instead of instant, then buying a French Press makes perfect sense. A French press also goes by the name of ‘coffee plunger’, ‘cafetiere a piston’ or simply a ‘coffee press’. It was designed in 1929 by the Italian designer Attilio Calimani and has rapidly grown in popularity with coffee addicts all over the world since then. A classic French press consists of a cylindrical glass beaker that is fitted with a plunger which has a nylon mesh around it. The mesh acts as the filter when the plunger is pushed directly into the cylinder to make the coffee. Once you have taken a French press, it is important to know how to use a coffee press.

However, if you do not know how to make your coffee in a French press, then your press will just lie there gathering dust on the kitchen shelf! It is important to learn how to make the perfect French Press coffee to get a good cup of pressed coffee. Already yearning for a coffee date? Let us take you through a detailed guide on how to make French press coffee:

French Press Coffee Instructions:

Buying your coffee: The French press needs a coarser variety of ground coffee. This allows the coffee to be brewed for a longer period resulting in a more aromatic cup of brewed coffee. When buying coffee from the supermarket, search for coarsely ground coffee which generally reads as ‘press coffee powder’ on the label.

How Much Coffee in a French PressAdding water: When learning how to use Bodum French Press, it is essential to know the perfect coffee to water ratio. Although there might be variations in this ratio according to the taste palate of a particular area, the normal ratio is about 1 ounce (28 grams) of coffee powder to 15 ounces (450 ml) of water. This quantity makes a great cup of brewed coffee that is neither too strong nor too bland. For those who want an extra shot of caffeine to get them through a particularly tiring day, about 1.5 ounces of coffee powder will be okay for the same amount of water! If you wish to learn How to Make French Press Coffee, Ratio of water and coffee is most important.

Brewing your coffee: The next step after knowing coffee to water ratio is, of course, brewing the coffee well. After you add the water to the coffee, allow this concoction to brew for about 2 to 4 minutes. The fun part is pressing the plunger at this point. Keep pushing till the plunger has reached the very bottom of the cylinder and hold it there for some time. After you have finished brewing your coffee, pour it out into another vessel or directly into the cups. Leaving your coffee in the Bodum press for too long might give your coffee a bitter taste (though some of us actually like our coffee that way!) However, brewing your coffee for too long is not advised for those who do not prefer bitter-sweet coffee.

Cold-brewing: This is a process which is not done at home. However, if you like to experiment with your coffee, then cold brewing might give you something to look forward to at the close of a hectic day at work! Cold brewing refers to the brewing of coarsely ground coffee with water for an extended period (around 10 to 12 hours) in a French Press. The concentrated coffee liquor that is obtained using this method needs to be diluted with milk or water for a perfectly aromatic cup of coffee. Cold brewing gives a unique flavor profile to brewed coffee which is preferred by many over the usual cup of hot brewed coffee! However, for this, it is important to know how much coffee in a French press needs to go depending on your liking.

Once you have learned how to French Press your coffee, you can treat your family and friends to highly aromatic cups of brewed coffee every single day. So, buy a Bodum French Press, go through the French press coffee instructions and get started with your coffee brewing adventure today! And if you didn’t get one yet then definitely check french press coffee maker reviews.


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