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Getting a coffee machine for your home is one of the best ways to ensure that you are making the best out of your money. Most people find it easier to make their brews at home instead of going that extra mile to buy your coffee from the local coffee shop every day. Apart from the lethargy, what encourages them to get their coffee maker is that they will end up saving a lot of money on it in the long run. Investing in a coffee machine that will not only allow you to make different kinds of caffeine beverages every day but will help you perfect the process of making the right blend.

Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel (46201)The Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel (46201) is an excellent product for this as you can have fresh coffee every day with minimal hassle! If you are looking for a good Hamilton Beach, 46201 Review look no further because everything you need to know about this digital coffee maker is covered in this coffee review.

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So without further ado, let’s dive right into the world of coffee and find out what makes this coffee maker great, average or simply not worth your time.


  • Pull out storage- The top corner of the Hamilton Beach 46201 coffee maker has a pull out storage and brewing area complete with filters for you to effortlessly pour the amount of coffee powder you want without having to move a muscle. Easy pull out and push back feature, allow it to be handy and time-saving as well.
  • Removable water reservoir- With this being removable, you can easily fill it from the tap or the cooler without having to worry about spills.
  • Brew basket- the basket that is used on top of the carafe holder has the option of swinging out which makes it accessible to everyone around.
  • Automatic pause and serve- it is programmed to pour a specific amount and allow time for the cups to be replaced before continuing to dispense coffee.
  • Warmer plate- To keep the coffee warm, the plate is made nonstick to be easier to handle and clean.
  • Adjustable brewing- You can choose if you want to go ahead with bold, regular and 1-4 cup options when you brew coffee to get the right amount.
  • Metallic finish- Made from stainless steel, it looks super sleek and will fit well into any kitchen.


When you are seeking to buy a sound coffee maker, it is important to keep in mind that while each coffee machine is designed with a particular set of needs in mind, you can always choose one that matches your needs the best. In the case of Hamilton Beach 46201, there are many benefits that come with its purchase.

  • Access- Along with the pull our brewing basket as well as the storage area, you can easily measure how much coffee you need. Also, it becomes easier to clean and maintain so that the coffee maker works well in the long run.
  • Filters– The filters used are the size of baskets as well as cupcakes depending on the amount of people you are brewing coffee for.
  • Coffee making- With the ability to brew and give you a 12 cup coffee serving with ease, if you live with friends or in a big family, this can come in handy at all time. Along with this serving options, you can also opt for regular as well as 1-4 people when you are making coffee for a smaller crowd.
  • Stainless steel- since it is made from stainless steel, the coffee machine will not be a breeding ground for bacteria nor will it let any residue be stuck onto its surface. Being rust free is also a great help and keeps your coffee warm for you.
  • Pause and serve- this feature helps you not waste the precious coffee!
  • Water reservoir- since it is easy to remove the tank and clean it, you will not have to worry about any stale water being left behind in the machine. It can be cleaned thunderous regular intervals for hygiene to prevail.


Before you go ahead and take our word with this Hamilton Beach, 46201 Review, you definitely need to know the specifications of this product.

  • Weight- 8.5 pounds
  • Dimensions- 16 x 11.2 x 9 inches
  • Programmable clock
  • Water reservoir available
  • Warmer plate available in non-stick facility
  • Swivel base available
  • Filters range from basket to cupcake styles
  • Keep warm button option available

Pros and Cons

Along with the benefits mentioned above, here are some other pros that you can get with this product:


  • You can keep the coffee warmer for a longer time even after it has been brewed with the adjustable keep warm option. This means you can choose what temperature you would like it to be at.
  • The adjustable clock is another great option because if you can program it, you can choose when you would like the coffee maker to be turned on and when your coffee is brewed. If the maker is on for more than 2 hours, it automatically shuts down.
  • The swivel base makes it easy not to lose balance and topple to carafe but instead to use it with ease and for more natural movement.
  • You can pull the carafe out and pour your coffee without having to worry, in the middle of brewing too!


  • The brew time is quite long so if you have ten minutes to spare every morning; this works for you.
  • Unlike the quiet machines, you find these days; this one is very loud.
  • Too many parts make it easy to break down.


While there are some definite cons to the product, if you are not looking for something too fancy, to begin with, this is a great option to go for. In this Hamilton Beach, 46201 Review you can see that the product has some definite possibilities so it definitely should not be ignored.

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