French Press vs Drip Coffee

The coffee is one of the most loved beverages in the whole world. If you believe some statistics, then approximately 2 billion cups of coffee are being consumed every single day all around the world. And, this number is enough to elevate the manufacturing of the coffee makers. Over the time, the coffee machines have undergone a lot of changes. Why not? A coffee machine is the only thing that can give you a cup of coffee faster. Also, you can prepare the coffee precisely as you like and that too, effortlessly. Here are two of the popular machines. Read ahead and know who wins the race of French Press vs Drip.

Although it totally depends on your preferences, but for all those people who are new to this thing, they might want to know the best machine that is dominating the market. Every other machine that is being manufactured has its own qualities and drawbacks, then what makes these two immensely popular machines differ from each other? The drip coffee machine is usually used in the houses and the offices. You can also find it in a public area as well. On the other hand, the French press is considered more for the personal use. Here is all about drip coffee vs French Press.


French Press

The French Press is also known as the Coffee Plunger and you can easily find it in most of the houses and the hotels. It was first introduced in 1929, and since then, it has undergone a lot of modifications and changes. If you look at the design and the layout of this coffee machine, then you will definitely find it as an easy-going thing. And, indeed it is easy as well. You wouldn’t really feel any hindrances while operating this little cylindrical machine. Fill the container with the adequate amount of coarser grind coffee, add hot water, and stir it. After that, cover the top with the lid, let it brew for some time, and then push the plunger filter. Your coffee is ready to consume. But, the question that arises is, are French press coffee makers healthy?


Brewing coffee via French press is one of the most classic methods of preparing coffee, only if you do it right. Initially, you might find it easy brewing coffee in this machine, but despite looking and being simple, it is not quite easy. To prepare an amazing and tempting cup of coffee in the French press, you must use coarse coffee beans. Also, this machine can prepare your cup of coffee in almost 5-8 minutes. So, even if you need your coffee first thing in the morning, then you wouldn’t have to wait any longer. But the thing is that you can make only one cup at a time in this machine.

Drip Coffee

The drip coffee machine was the instant success the moment it was launched, as people were fascinated with the automatic drip brew method. This machine is most common in offices and public places, but you can also find it in houses as well. Just similar to the French press, this drip machine has also undergone innumerable modifications, but the method of brewing coffee has been intact throughout the time. Brewing coffee in this machine is easier than any other machine because this machine is automated and you don’t have to put efforts on your own.

What you have to do is pour the coffee beans in the filter and switch on the button. Rest of the things will be taken care by the machine and it will provide you the delicious and the aromatic cup of coffee. The machine demands medium grinded beans to create a perfect cup of coffee for you. Unlike the French Press, this machine takes a bit more time, which is 5-10 minutes. As far as the easiness is concerned, then drip machine is hands down easy to control and access. Also, this machine allows you to keep the coffee hot and prepared for a longer period of time.


If you are a real coffee fanatic, then all you would be concerned about is the final result. The good thing about the French Press is that you can control that machine as you like and can prepare your cup of coffee, just as you like. And, this reason is enough to put a halt on the question why is French press coffee better.  Although, the complex mechanism of this machine can be a drawback, but it is being highly appreciated due to the precision that it has to offer.

If you are crazy about the flavor of your coffee, then you might also know that the flavor of the coffee is derived from its oil. And, the paper filter of the drip machine takes away that oil. Also, the automatic drip machine keeps on boiling the coffee, just to keep it hot, which indeed is another drawback.

So, here are the aspects of the French press vs Drip debate. Make up your mind and select the best one. Don’t compromise with the final results of your coffee.


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