Dark Roast vs Medium Roast

The roasting degree of the coffee beans is one of the prominent processes as it finally determines the taste you are going to experience with every sip. Initially, the raw coffee beans are soft and green. It allows you to relish the grassy aroma and may or may not offer any taste. By undergoing the roasting procedure, these raw coffee beans encounter an entire transformation and provide you with unambiguous flavor, aroma, and crunchiness. Howbeit, there are distinct aspects of the roasting procedure as well. Here, you can have an in-depth knowledge of dark roast vs. medium roast.

Dark roas vs Medium Roast

Despite that, there is another side of the story as well. Undeniably, some other factors are there that influence the final coffee beans to a great extent. If you compare two distinct types of coffee beans, originated in two different countries and under various environmental conditions, then they would have different aroma and taste, even when they both have been roasted at the same level. Apart from it, the method of processing, grinding, the method of brewing and the age of coffee beans also affect its taste. But, the roasting level acts as a baseline and gives you an insight of the taste that you can expect from your cup of coffee.


Dark Roast

These types of coffee beans are dark brown in color, or it can be black as well. On the surface of these beans, there is a shine of oil, which can be seen in the cup while brewing as well. The flavor of the roasting process overshadows the bean’s origin flavor completely as it gets darker because of the roasting process. The coffee prepared by dark roasted beans offer bitter or even burnt taste sometimes. As the roasting process gets darker, the quantity of caffeine gets significantly decreased. To attain the dark roast level, coffee beans get roasted at the temperature of approximately 240 degrees C. till it reaches the second crack.

Dark roast coffee beans are known by different names, which may confuse you a bit while selecting the best beans. Some of the prominent selections are Italian Roast, French Roast, Continental Roast, Espresso Roast, Spanish Roast, and New Orleans Roast. Most of the dark roasted beans are perfect for espresso blends. These coffee beans do not support much acidity. Although these beans are heavier, if roasted beyond the second crack, they get thinner.

Medium Roast

Being medium brown in color, these coffee beans are a bit heavy. Unlike dark roasted beans, these coffee beans do not have any oily shine on the surface. The medium roasted beans exhibit balanced flavor, acidity, and aroma. The roasting process decreases the amount of caffeine to an extent; however, it is always higher than the dark roasted beans. As far as the temperature is concerned, then these beans are roasted between 210 to 220 degrees C. They get roasted till the end of the first crack and the start of the second crack.

Regular Roast, City Roast, American Roast, and Breakfast Roast are some of the names of medium roasted beans. Comparing the flavor of dark roast vs. medium roast, then medium roasted coffee beans are light and have a smooth taste.


So, it was all for you. This difference between medium and dark roasted coffee beans will surely help you in making the appropriate selection. Moreover, everything depends on your preference. The way you want your coffee to taste and smell will compel you to choose relevant and precise roasted coffee beans. Also, you can consider some of the other characteristics, like the amount of caffeine and the way it will be brewed.

Moreover, you can also keep the flavor in consideration. Whether you want a crisp and strong cup of coffee or a light and smooth one, how you select the roasted coffee beans is going to influence the ultimate flavor of the coffee. So, in the fight between dark roast vs. medium roast, choose the one that rejuvenates your senses and satisfies your taste buds.

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