Conair Cuisinart Brew Central DCC-1200 Review

Don’t let those false promises keep you from buying the coffee maker you deserve. This Conair Cuisinart Brew Central DCC-1200 Review will tell you exactly what it takes for a coffee maker to be perfect (barring a few exceptions of course). There are many who want the best brews, but it’s hard to get one tasty cup of coffee even with all those features coffee machines come with. What’s lacking? Well, there’s not one thing you can pick. This is why you need a machine that isn’t just simple but also down to earth in its concept.

The Cuisinart DCC 1200 Parts are no rocket science to use. In fact, the machine brews much better taste than many of those you will find in the market. This is what makes this one a hit among users. From the charcoal water filter that is built-in to the shower head design of the water spout, there’s nothing you can miss about its great features. Taking care of simple things like the water raining down over the ground coffee for a perfect brew, the brand has captured a vast market with its simplicity yet classic features.

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Automatic Shut Off

The Cuisinart 1200 DCC Coffee Maker comes with many advanced features that are not easily found in any other models, especially in this price bracket. The automatic shutoff is a great feature that makes it easy to manage the machine. You don’t have to bother about leaving it on even if you are away. The machine takes care of itself. Among other automatic features that make this machine, so refreshing are the self-cleaning function, advanced-brew setting, etc.

Glass Carafe

As with most other coffee makers, here also, the machine has a glass carafe but this one is a premium quality carafe that is placed on a nonstick heating plate. You can adjust the heating level of the non-stick plate just the way you want, which helps you in keeping the brew fresh.

Filter Type

This one comes with a permanent gold tone filter. Now what makes this different is the fact that nothing except only the fresh coffee will make its way to your cup. You can also include paper filters if you want. This inbuilt mechanism makes it a popular choice among many users.


This is a useful concept that isn’t easily found in many makers. It distributes waterevenly over coffee. This helps in keeping control on temperature loss while the water goes through the grounds.

Water Filter

Because this model uses a charcoal water filter, that eliminates impurities and bad odours from regular water. A lot of Cuisinart Brew Central Reviews talk about how it’s a pain to change it after a period, but then, this is one of the safes options to use any day.

LCD Digital Clock

This is a perfect feature that displays everything connected to all the automatic functions. It’s bright display gives it an edge.

Auto On

You can now program any brew cycle much in advance. And this can be set for any time of the day or night. The Auto Off feature is used to turn off the coffeemaker at a time you designate much in advance.

Heater Plate

This controls your coffee’s temperature after it’s brewed. This keeps it warm if you take a while to consume it. This works best when you are running around the house in the morning to get things done.

1-4 Cup Setting

Want to make small amounts of coffee and not much? Use the 1-4 cup setting button and there will be no compromise on how warm the coffee is. It will still heat up correctly and taste as good as large amounts of coffee.

BenefitsConair Cuisinart Brew Central DCC-1200 Review

Convenience: You get an update every single time you need to clean the machine. Its settings allow you to rest easy while the brew is being made. The carafe has settings that keep it warm and everything is so high tech that this is one of the simplest machines to use. And if there is any issue, Cuisinart Brew Central Troubleshooting helps you sail through it smoothly.

Carafe Handling: The machine comes with best features that not only cover the handles but protect the machine from dripping as you pour. This is a very easy to use model.

Coffee On The Go: You do not have to think about how the coffee will taste if there are not more than one cups. It will taste the same and as hot using the 1-4 cup setting.

Easy To Clean: Cleaning this maker is the simplest things you can find in the market. It is mostly automatic, and ergonomic design makes cleaning easy. This is something the Cuisinart DCC 1200 Series is much appreciated for.


• Metal Design
• 12-Cup carafe
• Programmable auto shutoff
• Comfortable handle
• Pause your brew feature
• The classic Cuisinart DCC 1200BWpermanent gold tone filter
• Heater Plate that can be adjusted
• 24-hour advance brew start
• Charcoal water filter


  • This is by far one of the most attractive propositions out there. It is sexy yet sound.
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Carafe has a right balance
  • Plastic parts are not weak and boring, they are heavyweight plastic and are well molded. This PDF explains how well it’s made.
  • Have coffee while the brew is on


  • The only one problem many have pointed out in their reviews is that of not being able to switch to a thermal carafe or mug for the glass carafe. But you tend to fall in love with glass carafe eventually.


If you are scouting for a budget coffee maker that won’t take up a lot of space and add to the look of your countertop, this home coffee maker review must have given you the right details. Apart from that, if you are not willing to splurge just for automatic features and a classic look, maybe you should try other options that can come in a smaller budget. But then again, you won’t find the kind of features this one has to offer that surely. The model is clearly on top of the coffee maker shelves at the moment. For those who do not want to sacrifice the best features just for a couple of extra bucks, go for the Conair as it is perfection in one.

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