Colombian McCafe Makes its Mark

From the mountains of Colombia – one of the world’s top coffee-producing countries, Colombian McCafe is delivered into your cup from the roasters of McDonald’s?!? No, for real, McDonald’s coffee is now being sold in grocery stories.

I’m perhaps a bit of a coffee snob (the only “self-inflicted” snobbery title I’m aware of). I could NOT believe it when I saw McDonald’s coffee on the shelf next to Starbucks, Peet’s, etc. But, there it was. I had to do something about it. Somewhat embarrassed to see this McBean available, I stood there frozen, blocking the aisle, contemplating.

It’s slightly less expensive than Starbucks, Peet’s, or Caribou, but in the same price range as Dunking Donuts and Gevalia. It’s not that hard on the pocketbook, assuming it isn’t any good (and I was sure it wouldn’t be).

Because I’m a fan of Starbucks Colombia, I was convinced I wouldn’t like this Colombian McCafe, before being open to giving it a try. And, having gone through a bag of Peet’s Colombia Luminosa, I’d been surprised to find they include some Ethiopian beans in the blend. At least Starbucks is 100% Colombian. They’re both 100% Arabica beans.

Shockingly, so is this Colombian McCafe. Yep. 100% Arabica beans, and 100% Colombian. Huh.

Apparently I could easily become a compulsive gambler – I bought a bag. I got it home and hid it in my coffee collection, under the “better” brands, not wanting anyone to judge me on that. Then again, I live alone, so…I digress.

The following morning (so, today) I decided to get this trial run over and be done with. It smelled okay when I squeezed some air out of the bag, even though I HATE buying ground coffee beans. I carefully measured my grounds into my gold filter (yeah, right!), dumping them in until it looked “about right.” You know the routine – I’m not going to tell you every step I went through to get to this taste test.

What I will tell you is this (and I hope you’re sitting down): it wasn’t half bad. In fact, it was pretty (dare I say?) good. Indeed. This controversial Colombian McCafe is bright (acidic) and juicy, yet it isn’t bitter. Though it’s tabbed a “Medium-Dark” roast, it is by no means earthy or smoky. It will, regardless, kick you into high gear.

The more it cooled off, they juicier it became. Shocked and amazed, I poured another fresh, hot cup, not convinced it could hold up to cream. But again, it surprised me!Long story short, I was impressed. This coffee that I’ve shunned and mocked in McDonald’s for some time is now making its mark on the shelves, and on me. Soon, it will make its impression on you as well, and I’m convinced it will be a good one.

So, I kicked back with my mug and reflected. Unfortunately, this morning I had nothing to pair with my Colombian McCafe, other than a piece of humble pie.

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