Coffee Vs Energy Drink

Coffee undoubtedly is one of our favorite gourmets that refresh us with its thick, creamy and rich taste and flavor. Every time we are surrounded by heaps of files to deal with, tired after long day of work at home or want to spend early, mornings in leisure, coffee is the answer for it. Most of us cannot step out of home for work without the cup of morning coffee.


Energy Drink vs Coffee

  • Caffeine: On making a comparison between coffee vs energy drinks it is found that both of them share their caffeine presence but its concentration in coffee is more. Due to more caffeine presence in coffee as compared to an energy drink, it is more preferred by people.
  • Its effect: Coffee is different than energy drink because it makes your brain more functional and makes your system active. One shot of coffee and all your tiredness go away, alert your system and is the perfect break for people working long hours.
  • It’s Easy: The best part of coffee is it can be prepared at home or office with the purchase of instant coffee makers, blenders, and machines. There are many types of coffee makers available at a reasonable rate, and you don’t even have to do a lot of hard work for making coffee.
  • Its Yum:  Coffee is a delicious, creamy and rich beverage that contain little amount of caffeine that provides us the required boosters to awaken our mind.
  • Wellness: It is a natural stress buster and is packed with complete goodness for a healthy life. Drinking coffee within limit helps in optimal wellness and has many benefits.

Energy drinks are good for refreshment and with a slow release of energy is an active sports beverage but is rich in carbohydrates making its regular use unhealthy.

Why should one choose Coffee over Energy Drinks?

Energy Drinks vs Coffee is sometimes a tough choice to make with both the products rich in caffeine, but there are several reasons that make coffee a better intake.

Health Factor: Energy drinks have a high concentration of caffeine and are rich in sugar that makes the drink very sweet. It is available in packaged cans or bottles and is evident that it is kept safe and protected from damage by use of preservatives and other artificial ingredients. It is one of the main reason why energy drinks are not as great as coffee as they contain a high level of chemicals.

Not for Long term: Coffee is a long-term antidote for your stress and can be used as a regular beverage but when it comes to energy drink its long-term normal use is not safe for health. There are many health issues one might face with daily intake of energy drinks like heart problems, high blood pressure, weight gain, stroke, etc.

Ease of Use: It is true that energy drinks have easy access and is available on shelve of stores without having to prepare it. This makes an energy drink an attractive choice for caffeine lovers, but coffee is not that big a hassle. Get yourself a coffee maker, and your yummy, delicious, creamy and thick coffee cup is ready instantly in few minutes.

Be wise while choosing your stress busting drink

Be it coffee or energy drink, be wise and pick your drink wisely keeping in mind what benefits it reaps to our body. When it comes to coffee beans, they are 100% natural products cultivated and nurtured under extreme care and have an enormous variety of coffee beans across the globe.

When we talk about Energy Drink VS Coffee, the energy drink is not available in many flavors and types but coffee is available in various tastes, flavor and it can be prepared in different ways to satiate your taste buds. Be it the basic, strong and black coffee Expresso which is one of the most favorite coffee style or the rich, creamy Cappuccino that combines milk froth and steamed milk with equal part of black coffee, there is hardly anyone not rising to the smell of coffee. It is important to choose your style of coffee wisely because an excess of coffee intake again is not accepted in a very friendly manner by your body. Pick coffee over energy drink because it is pure, natural and freshly prepared with the goodness of essential nutrients.


In the above article, we have evidently reached a conclusion with more votes placed on coffee and urging people to accept coffee more than an energy drink. Coffee contains many natural ingredients, caffeine and other elements which are healthy and provide us wholesome health and judiciously release us of our stress. One coffee shot is enough to keep our system running as its effects are long term and sure is to refresh us. There are multiple types of the machine starting from personal use coffee makers, French presses, Espresso Machines, Coffee Maker with Grinders and also single cup coffee machines available in the market for your daily coffee dose. Choosing coffee over energy drink keeps us away from artificial ingredients, preservatives, and sweeteners because regular intake of energy drinks creates health issues in the longer run. As per your taste requirement, different types of coffee are available and can be prepared instantly by anyone without much effort. According to personal experience and recommendation by many people who have used both, coffee is the clear winner. On making a comparison between coffee VS energy drink based on health effects, usefulness, effectiveness and natural ingredients, coffee is a better choice and is perfect for regular intake.


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