Coffee and Chocolate: Splendid throughout Time

For many coffee drinkers, there’s nothing quite like the combination of coffee and chocolate. Whether it’s a mocha or a chocolate chip cookie alongside a freshly brewed cup, it is glorious!

You’re probably already infatuated with mochas, regardless of what type of chocolate is used. White or dark, it’s a beautiful partnership with espresso and steamed milk; even better when topped with whipped cream!

Coffee break is a great time to sneak in a little chocolate snack alongside your pick-me-up. Ideal pairings, however, tend to be with coffees boasting earthy nuances if you will. Since Indonesian beans tend to be dark and coarse, they go well with chocolate. They do not overpower the cocoa or fight for first place, whereas a citrusy Ethiopian bean would go well together with lemon meringue pie (which, by the way, is A-MA-ZING!).

It’s early in the morning, and you’re looking for some chocolate to go with your coffee? Cool. You may want to go with something along the lines of a chocolate coffee candy treat. It is breakfast enough, but still provides the sweetness you’re looking for to get your day started.

If you’re not a “plain” decaf coffee drinker, you can always choose a café mocha to combine your coffee and chocolate. Whether your fave coffee shop uses milk chocolate, white chocolate or dark chocolate, this is by far one of the most favorite ways to combine the two. From there, you can still choose your treats accordingly.

For some, pairings are left to “whatever I feel like and is fast,” while, for other pairs, it’s more of a selective process. Personally, I’d suggest something to complement your fancy beverage. A butter croissant, for example, or maybe come chocolate-covered graham crackers.

If you do opt for a drip brew, there are plenty of options. How about some chocolate macadamia nut biscotti to dip in your drink? Yum! A chocolate croissant? Yes, please!

Later in the day, you can eat and drink your cares away with some chocolate lava cake and an Americano. WOW! Or, pour some hot fudge topping over your favorite coffee-flavored ice cream. YUM! On the run? Grab some chocolate-covered espresso beans!

Then, also to coffee and chocolate, you can try coffee IN chocolate! No kidding! Many chocolate recipes (cakes/brownies) call for coffee in one form or another. By adding some quality (again, quality) coffee to your chocolate recipe, it emphasizes the flavor of the chocolate, giving it an added oomph to bring its rating from 5 stars to Out-Of-This-World! Again, though, remember that adding just any old coffee won’t give you the same effect as having added a good quality bean or brew.

While I tend to be a little choosy about what pairs together well with my coffee (though my socks rarely match!), most people can hardly go wrong with their coffee and chocolate combinations. After all, seemingly scripted as perfection from the beginning of time, these two (coffee and chocolate) are a perfect match.

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