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We all love beverages. Some of us may prefer a hot sip while some may prefer a cold one. Tea and coffee are the two principal drinks we all love and in due course get addicted. In comparison to the former, we have more drinkers of the later. We shall be talking about different coffees around us and the difference between them. You could select the coffee that will satisfy your taste buds after reading the difference between french press and drip

Most of us need and have a beverage to fall back on. It is not just a drink, but for most of us, a product that helps us with our mood swings, tiredness, stress or just adds refreshments to our day. The most famous of the beverages around the globe are tea and coffee. You could pick people from any country and will find that they will be consuming some drink that can fit the bucket for either of these two. That said it is not as easy as it looks on the face value. Within the teas and coffees, there are different sections and techniques that can change the feel that you get from these beverages. We shall be talking about chemex vs french press here to give you a better understanding of the two.


Aeropress vs Chemex

If you are someone who doesn’t care too much about the intricacies of a brew or cannot tell the difference between the flavors of the method used to brew your coffee then, it doesn’t change much. However, for a coffee enthusiast, it makes a day and night difference between french press and drip. One method gives you the luxury of time while you are in a hurry and the other gives you the relishing feeling to your sip.

We shall first talk about what the two methods are. Let us discuss how to use a French press brewing method. This method became popular in mid of the 20th century. It is majorly fuss-free and convenient. You soak your coffee in boiling water for about thirty seconds. Once there is a boil pour the remaining water and allow it to brew for three to four minutes. When you feel it is ready and the time is up to you just have to push the plunger to the bottom. The benefits of French press coffee are that it is quick, you get a full-bodied sip, any material is ok for you to use while brewing.

The next is our Chemex way. This method may seem a little more traditional. It was invented by a doctor in chemistry using laboratory equipment. This may be one of the reasons to feel that the brewer does look like one of them. You use the chemex brewer by setting up its paper filter, put the amount of coffee you wish to and soak till the medium coarse grounds. Let your coffee bloom for about half a minute and use the circular or swirling method to ensure that you can pour it evenly. The benefits of the chemex method are that easy to clean up; you get bright and clean coffee, and it is something that coffee enthusiasts will love to relish.

Lets us have a now look at two of the French press equipment available for you.

Kona French Press


This french press machine is must have as it comes with a host of benefits that ordinary equipment in the market may not be able to offer. The Kona French Press coffee maker has a glass carafe and a plastic grip. This grip ensures that it is well protected from any damage that can be caused. It has a sturdy handle so while you are carrying the hot brew you can be sure that you wouldn’t hurt yourself or others around. You get many brews at once in this coffee maker. You could brew up to one liter of coffee. Now that is a lot of coffee to suffice even friends who have come over. You get a protective layer around the glass carafe to ensure that there is no chipping that occurs. The maker is heat resistant so no worrying about burning yourself and of course the plastic handle adds to the security. In spite of the protective measures you still get a maker that is amazingly designed and looks classy. The plastic lid that is used is also BPA free. This means that there is contamination to your brew.


The next equipment that we shall review is the SterlingPro Coffee Press.

SterlingPro Coffee Press


This one is another coffee and espresso maker that has the french press method. This has always been rated amongst the most user-friendly coffee makers. Apart from other aspects that make it irresistible, one of the key benefits of the SterlingPro Coffee Press is the brewing beaker. It is not fragile, unlike the normal brewers. This feature gives you the relief that your coffee maker is safe and will last longer. To enhance the durability, you also get the heat-resistant borosilicate glass carafe which makes it lasts longer. The plastic liner in the lid will ensure that you do not feel the heat while pouring your coffee. There is also a double screen used for the grinding process. In fact, this is a one-of-its-kind product that used a double screen which ensures that fewer coffee beans are used for making the same amount of coffee. Lastly, the looks are an added advantage that makes you want it immediately.


To Sum it All

The debate around aeropress vs french press will continue. You may choose your favorite amongst these or make both for yourself as per your mood and taste. Both the methods give you a different brewing taste and will satisfy your beverage preferences.

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