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Everyone needs a good electric kettle to start the day. Whether it is tea or coffee that gets you revved up, there is no fun in either if you get only tepid water from the microwave. Thankfully, the invention of the electric kettle has created possibilities which work even when you are not entirely awake. Most households nowadays have an electric kettle. The only thing that keeps changing is the quality of the electric kettle. Read this Breville kettle review to decide whether this is the right gadget for you.

Breville SK500XL Ikon Cordless 1.7-Liter Stainless-Steel Electric Kettle

Something About The Breville Kettle

Sometimes, just as an alternative to regular coffee, you need a cup of tea or hot chocolate or coffee. That’s when you need an electric kettle. The first thing that comes to mind while starting the Breville kettle review is that this is a cordless kettle which makes it very convenient to use. Whether you are looking for a good-quality kettle for your home or office, it is easier and more aesthetic not to have electric cords hanging around. The other thing you look for is a minimum amount of plastic, so the boiling water does not come into contact with it. Well the Breville kettle is mostly metal and whatever little plastic is there, is BPA-free. Do I hear a sigh of relief? Let’s go on to the features.

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Getting Down To Brass Tacks

  • This is a 1500-watt cordless kettle with the capacity to hold 1.7 liters or 7 cups of water which is a good enough amount in the office or home. It means not too much energy is wasted on just one cup of water while leaving you the flexibility to cater to larger groups of people.
  • It comes with a Cushion-controlled lid, clear water-level indicator, lid release button, and a removable scale filter for easy cleaning.
  • Other features include a convenient ‘on/off’ switch, auto switch-off including a bell which rings when the water is boiling, and boil-dry protection.
  • The kettle comes in a brushed stainless steel housing with a soft-grip handle which is ergonomic. The multi-directional base has a place to store the cord.
  • The boiling time is decent enough taking around 4 minutes for 1.5 liters of water.


  • The kettle measures 8.75 x 6 x 9 inches
  • It comes with a 1-year limited warranty
  • It weighs 2.6 pounds
  • The manufacturer is Breville Kitchenware

Benefits You Can Expect

  • A significant advantage is that hardly any plastic comes into contact with the boiling water. The casing is entirely stainless steel. If there is some plastic present at the lip, it is grade 5 polypropylene which is BPA-free. So, you can rest assured about whether you are slowly poisoning your body every morning.
  • The kettle is cordless with a massive base which has a place to store the cord, so no ugly wires are hanging about. Also, the kettle can be rotated on the base, making it easy to place back after use.
  • The handle is soft and comfortable to grip. So, you don’t need to worry about the handle slipping from your grasp when the kettle is heavy.
  • Water level measurement is easy with a blue back-light which glows when the kettle is switched on.
  • The auto shut-off is a great feature because who stands around waiting for the water to boil. The accompanying ‘ping’ is a bonus which alerts you to come and get the heated water.
  • The lid is easy to open with the flick of a button, and the mouth is wide enough to allow easy filling of the kettle.
  • Boiling time is good, meaning it is faster than a microwave used for the same amount of water.
  • The design is sleek, which makes it an asset on the countertop. The heating coil is located below the kettle and not in it, so cleaning the inside is easy.
  • The kettle lasts a long time and works well even with frequent daily use.

The Not So Great Parts 

Just so that this Breville kettle review is complete, here are a few things to be cautious about:

  • Be wary of re-boiling cooled down water. You may find it has a metallic taste. Instead, just throw out existing water and fill the kettle with fresh water again.
  • The kettle is slightly on the heavier side. Be careful when you are lifting it.
  • When you first get the kettle, remember to fill it up completely with cold water and bring it to a boil, then discard the water. If you get a plastic smell, you may have to repeat the process.

A Parting Word

At the end of this Breville kettle review, it is pretty clear that this is a good quality, durable electric kettle. There are a few things which can do with some improvement, but there is nothing so negative as to put you off completely.  All in all, you would not be wasting your money, but rather investing in a daily hot cup of tea or coffee with this kettle. So, if you need an electric kettle, go ahead and get this one.

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