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Sometimes, a simmering cup of coffee is all that you need to rise and shine. Easier said than done, investing in the best burr coffee grinder can make you the perfect coffee master at home. Wondering which one to buy? Keep reading to understand how to choose the best burr coffee grinder for home use. Best Manueal Coffee GrinderNothing can match the comfort of a coffee mug when you are trying to pull yourself up to a hectic Monday or want to relax with friends over a chit chat at home. Although you might not be a coffee expert, owning the best manual coffee grinder would be an added advantage if you are a die-hard coffee lover. Without fretting over the expensive coffee makers with build-in grinders, you can opt for cheaper manual options that never lose out on the addictive coffee aroma. Coffee enthusiasts who love to travel and wish to get hold of a freshly brewed cup of coffee on the go can choose a lightweight, portable coffee grinder like the Hario Skerton coffee grinder for a magical coffee experience.



Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton

Extremely lightweight and easy to use, this coffee< mill is the best among the 10 best burr coffee grinders. It runs by manual operation. So, you don’t need any technical expertise unlike with the more electric coffee presses or other high-end coffee makers. Once you buy a good burr coffee grinder, you can successfully make several espresso shots together even when you have a bunch of talkative friends dropping by, and you will never miss out on those huge compliments for the coffee you serve.


Manual Skerton Grinder

Silicon Lid 

The top chamber has an elegant looking silicon lid. Besides giving a tight grip for the overhead jar, the lid ensures that you don’t spill coffee beans all over your kitchen, even if you are using it for the first time!

Dual Settings 

You can set the mode for a coarse grinding feature for a cold coffee drink or choose to have some finely ground coffee for that warm cup of tasty flavorsome coffee. The dual settings increase the product’s usability for different coffee types. Depending on your mood, the machine can serve you whichever kind you like best.

Conical Hour Glass Shape 

The best coffee grinder which performs efficiently is the one that can deliver a full bodied coffee. The Japanese manufacturers have used their skills and designed the jar in an hour glass shape so that the finished product is a wholesome cup of thick and perfectly blended coffee.

Easy to Clean Parts 

No need to bother about cleaning the mess. There is no mess actually, owing to the grinder’s container below which collects all the beans as well as the drippings. The machine comes with a detachable lid and handle and all the parts can be cleaned easily with a soft brush.


  • Lightweight – Weighs only about 567 grams
  • The material used for the jar is Ceramic.
  • Adjustable Grind Sizes – Choose between Coarse and Fine Grinding
  • Ceramic burrs that are corrosion resistant
  • Easy to assemble parts- handle, burr, screw, lid and jar.


  • The ceramic burrs are designed to give the machine its characteristic longevity. That is why it promises to serve its owners for years to come with almost no complaints.
  • Ac compared to steel grinder burrs, the manual coffee grinder scores far more points as far as precise grinding is concerned.
  • The coffee that you get out of this kind of burr grinder is equivalent to the electric grinders which are about ten times more cost wise. The flavor of freshly ground coffee is incomparable.
  • The Skerton coffee grinder is compact and saves space on your kitchen counter.
  • It is light-weight and you can drag it around without any effort. This makes the Skerton one of the best portable coffee grinders on the market.
  • The look of this sexy device is marvelous and it is a smart addition to your kitchen shelf. So, you can be a proud owner of a cheap but good looking coffee grinder which serves very efficiently too.
  • It is one of the best portable models that can be worth buying for the coffee enthusiasts who love to have their coffee on wheels i.e. during travel. Since it light and small in packaging, it won’t be a too much to carry along.
  • Easy to use features make it a hot favorite for both beginners and experts alike. You just have to open the top, put your coffee beans and turn the handle for the grinding to happen in the selected mode.


  • As compared to the more computerized versions, the manual grinders do take a little more time as far as the coffee preparation is concerned. Though with practice, you can get used to putting in that little extra effort all for your favorite drink.
  • The glass or ceramic jar supplied with the machine is breakable, which you might not like during travelling. Not an issue for home use, this disadvantage can be easily overcome by picking up an adequately sized mason jar from your grocery store which fits the same way!
  • The manual labor that is required for grinding may not be your cup of tea (or coffee!). But it is still better than driving through that traffic jam to get a similar tasting Starbucks coffee.
  • The Skerton manual grinder might not give you a 100% smooth coffee. The texture might be a bit coarse for those who like their coffee to melt into the milk without any trace.

Being a coffee connoisseur is no longer an extravagant desire.  Customers who have recommended in their manual burr coffee grinder reviews have acknowledged the fact that it is real value for money. The manual grinder is laced with both fancy and efficient features provided in a small, sturdy pack. It not only pulverizes and crushes coffee beans evenly but also ranks high in portability and easy to handle features.

Dreaming of a refreshing coffee at home will just not remain a dream now. You can brew up some great Barista-like coffee by freshly ground coffee beans and enjoy the mouth watering flavors relaxing in a cozy corner of your home. Invest in the best burr manual coffee grinder and you will never regret it. Hop on to check out some of the best deals on the product as you scroll below.

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