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The Kona coffee belt is a place where there are a large number of plantations and shops of Kona coffee. It is located in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, USA. Kona coffee is known to be one of the costliest coffees cultivated across the world. Nearly half of the world’s Kona coffee is grown in Hawaii.

The climatic conditions of Hawaii are favourable for the growth of coffee. It is warm and sunny in the mornings, a little cloudy and rainy in the afternoon and bit windy at night. The 100% Kona coffee from Hawaii is a pure coffee with a delicious and delicate aroma. It is used to blend with strong flavoured coffees of different origins. Moreover, the coffee seeds of Kona coffee are differentiated namely Grade I & Grade II.

The Grade I coffee beans consist of two beans for each cherry. Such seeds have an oval shape on one side and are smooth on the other side. The Grade II seeds consist of only one seed for each cherry. Such seeds have a round shape. The Hawaiian Gold Kona Coffee is considered to be the best Kona coffee in the world. Let us discuss different aspects of Hawaiian Gold Kona coffee.


Hawaiian Gold Kona Coffee

The Kona Gold coffee plantation measures 900 acres. The estate is blessed with adequate rainfall. The coffee business is a family owned business for more than 25 years. The plantation owners here implement sustainable agricultural practices to cause less damage to the environment as well as protect the cultural and social well-being of the plantation workers.

The Kona Gold coffee plantation is located on the volcanic mountain slopes of Mauna Loa. Take the best Kona coffee plantation tour as well for enjoying the scenic beauty. The Kona coffee business owners also have many associated farms in Africa as well as South and Central regions of America.

The Factory

The Kona coffee business owners own and operate a very well-developed facility for roasting in Palm Beach, Florida. They roast the coffee in small batches using Italian roaster. The packaging equipment that is used is made in Germany. You can also enjoy and smell the aroma of the coffee. Further, let us look at some of the features of the Kona Gold Coffee.

Best Kona CoffeeFeatures

1)    The Hawaiian Gold Kona coffee is very rich and smooth with an aftertaste that you will never forget.

2)    The flavours of the coffee are very concentrated and rich

3)    This is made with a unique blend of Hawaiian Kona coffee with other different Arabica coffees grown in the estates of high mountainous regions.

4)    Swiss water is used to decaffeinate the coffee instead of harmful chemicals.

5)    The Kona coffee makers ensure that the quality control of the product is well maintained.

6)    The coffee is perfectly medium roasted


  • The beans are perfectly roasted and full of flavour. They are best for a hot cup of coffee in the mornings.
  • The product is reasonably priced.
  • The coffee has a rich and powerful aroma.


  • Even though Hawaiian Gold Kona Coffee is very authentic and real, many do not think so as it may not be possible to sell Kona coffee at such low prices. Hence, the authenticity of the product may be doubtful.
  • The coffee may taste a bit bitter especially to the amateur coffee lovers, and everyone may not like the bitter taste of the coffee.

For finding a Kona coffee plantation, Big Island is just the place to go. Make a visit there and enjoy the scenic beauty while tasting the flavoured and strong coffee of the plantation.

The above best Kona coffee review highlights some of the positive as well as negative aspects of the Kona coffee. Even though the coffee may have some flaws; it has a vibrant aroma and excellent taste. This coffee has received many positive reviews from the customers. After reading the review, if you are wondering how to get your hands on it, don’t worry. You can buy the Kona coffee online.

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