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The whole thing started in the swinging seventies, a decade which was perceived as a sort of modern-day renaissance in terms of free-thinking, liberated dressing and of course, women empowerment! Not many know, however, that the seventies also gave birth to a revolutionary coffee maker that would take America by storm in the coming decades. Two college friends, John Sylvan and Peter Dragone felt the need to invent a single-serving brewer for all those office goers who had to make do with stale coffee which had been brewed for hours in the same pot. Thus, the Keurig coffee was born!

Leading the single-serve brewed coffee market, Keurig Coffee KCups have been popular in America and Europe for a long time now. However, with the online market exposing the global customer to the fine art of coffee brewing at home, a Keurig Coffee Maker has grown in popularity across the world.

There are hundreds of fabulous K-cup flavors available online, and you can easily order these to brew your cup of Keurig Coffee. So how do you brew the best Keurig coffee right at home? Read on to find out:

Brewing Keurig Coffee at Home

  1. Heating up the water: Plug your Keurig coffee machine and pour the water in the brewing pod. It will take a few minutes for the water to get heated. Have patience!
  2. Filling up the reservoir: Generally, the Keurig coffee maker can store water that is enough for quite a few cups of coffee. The tanks of water can be either movable or static, depending on the brand of the coffee maker. The lid of the reservoir is almost always placed on the top left corner. All you need to do is remove this cover and fill up the tank with water. If you hear a buzzing noise, do not be alarmed. It is the machine purring away while the water gets heated up for the coffee!
  3. Best Keurig CoffeeChoose your K cup: There are many varieties of Keurig K Cups that are readily available online. The individual K-cups consist of the coffee and a fine filter. Never remove the foil on the lid of your K cup.
  4. Inserting your K cup into the machine: The next step is to insert the K cup into your Keurig coffee machine. You will find a handle located just above the Keurig logo. Just lift this handle slowly and expose the coffee chamber underneath. The coffee chamber is a circular hole where the K cup is to be inserted. After you have successfully placed your K cup into the body, replace the lid on top and close it properly to avoid spillage. The display on the machine should read ‘Ready to brew’ at this point. Again, have patience and wait for the message to appear.
  5. Getting the cup ready: Place your coffee cup or mug beneath the Keurig coffee maker, on the tray that is provided for this purpose. Make sure that your coffee cup can hold at least 10 ounces of coffee because that is the standard amount of coffee that is dispensed by the coffee machine at one time. Also, your mug should be small enough to fit on the Keurig tray.
  6. Choosing the cup size: Some of the Keurig coffee makers have options for varying mug sizes. This allows the user to select the perfect amount of coffee that they want to dispense. However, if your Keurig machine has only two options, ‘small’ and ‘large’, then it is best to press ‘small’ even if your cup is big enough. You never know the quantity that has been pre-selected as ‘large.’ You do not want your favorite Keurig coffee to overflow!

The Best Keurig Coffee Pods that are available from the green mountain are the Barista Prima House Blend, the Kenyan extra bold, the Italian roast and many more, For those with a ‘darker’ taste in coffee, the Tully’s ‘tres intense’ K pod is an ideal choice. It is an aggressively flavored coffee with an intense aroma of charred coffee beans that will stay with you for the rest of the day! It also has hints of dark chocolate that livens up the coffee blend perfectly. Those who are more ‘light-hearted’ can try the Green Mountain Breakfast Blend and the Caribou Daybreak Morning Blend for a lighter coffee flavor.

Seattle’s Best Coffee Keurig is also looking after the taste buds of the health-conscious crowd with their specially roasted anti-oxidant blends that are light on the palate and also great for your health. These K-cups have Vitamin C, and E added to the coffee for a healthier caffeine kick for your mornings.

Another great favorite with the young-at-heart is the Green Mountain Mocha Nut Fudge, which is a mocha flavored coffee with a nutty aftertaste. This Kcup tastes best with milk and sugar. There are vanilla flavored blends and hazelnut blends as well which are the top selling K cups across the globe.

To get the very best Keurig coffee every morning, shop online for some amazing KCup Coffee Deals and if you have not bought the Keurig Coffee Maker yet, you are missing something special! The Keurig coffee machine also makes a great gift if you have a coffee addict in your family and friends!

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