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Best tasting espresso coffee beans which you are putting in your top rated home espresso machine are not easy to find because everyone claims to have that characteristic fragrance and taste but only a select few coffee beans deliver on the promises made to their customers. Best coffee beans for cappuccino are those that can stimulate your senses as soon as you open the coffee bean bag, and the best among them is Lavazza Super Crema Espresso.


Lavazza Super Crema Espresso Beans

Lavazza Super Crema Espresso is a rare blend of taste and aroma that is not easy to find these days in a coffee bean bag. Lavazza is one of the favorite coffees of Italy and can be found in most households and coffee shops. Its rich flavour and smooth texture have made this coffee bag one of the most bought coffee beans around the globe. Let’s delve deeper into what makes this the best espresso coffee

Best Espresso CoffeeFeatures

  • A blend of Brazilian coffee, Central American Milds and Delicate sweet Indonesian brands.
  • Velvety crème and long lasting taste
  • Most sold coffee variety in Italy
  • This is a whole bean coffee
  • This coffee bean comes in a 2.2-pound bag
  • Easily available in all leading departmental stores

What makes Lavazza different?

  • Strength: Best coffee beans to buy are those that provide you the best coffee experience and the best coffee experience cannot be guaranteed unless your coffee has an intense flavor. Strength is one of the most important aspects of a cappuccino and not every coffee bean will give you that perfect combination of power and crème. Lavazza coffee beans are ideal for a strong cup of cappuccino.
  • Colour: Do not let people mislead you into thinking that the best coffee beans are those that are darkest in colour. This is nothing if not one of the numerous myths surrounding coffee. This Lavazza coffee bag contains the best colored dark brown coffee beans that not only look good when you open the coffee bag, but it also gives a very rich color to your cappuccino.
  • Aroma: One of the most important characteristic of the best espresso coffee beans is aroma, and if there is no aroma oozing out of the coffee bag then you can be rest assured that your coffee won’t taste near as good as the ones they brew in Florence. Lavazza though has a very characteristic coffee aroma which makes it ideal for home use. However, to make sure the fragrance of the beans lasts long, it is important to store them in coffee percolators.
  • Finish: A coffee needs to be smooth and velvety. We have tried a lot of coffee varieties and brands, and though all of them promise a creamy and fresh coffee in every make, this is seldom the truth. Lavazza Super Crema Espresso delivers on these promises like no other coffee brand, and most certainly the coffee experience of Lavazza is one of a kind.
  • Taste: An espresso needs to be sweet without a hint of bitterness coming from the coffee. Most coffee bean manufacturers to roast the coffee beans black over-roast the coffee beans which results in a bitter taste. This is not the case with Lavazza Super Crema as these dark coffee beans do not give even a hint of bitterness to the coffee.
  • Oils: Most people believe that coffee beans with a hint of oily texture are the best coffee beans to bring home, but that again is just a myth. Coffee beans that are too oily are difficult to grind and also do not give the desired taste as you would imagine. Lavazza Super Crema Espresso coffee beans have the perfect composition of oils to make your coffee perfect.
  • Cost: Another major benefit of using Lavazza Super Crema Espresso has your preferred coffee bean brand is that it is not as highly priced as other coffee bean bags in the segment and provides a more tasty coffee at a lower price. Other coffee bean brands charge more for a bag and very rarely match the standards set by Lavazza Super Crema.


  • Not overly caffeinated: If you are one of those individuals who love their coffee strong, a bit bitter and hard-hitting then this is probably not the brand for you. Lavazza Super Crema is a coffee brand that focuses more on flavor, richness and texture rather than bitterness and thus, if you want to have a strong cup of coffee every morning then choose another brand.


If you are looking for the best espresso beans for sale that satisfies your need to taste a super fine coffee every morning, that takes you to a happy place as soon as you open the coffee bag and that fills your kitchen with coffee aroma every time then this is the ideal coffee brand for your household. Not only is Lavazza an affordable coffee bean brand, but it also tastes the best and thus is value for money. Looking at where to buy espresso beans? Start from here.

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