Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers Reviews

Do you love Cold Brews? Well, we do too. They are low on acid, smoother and you don’t have to go through the trouble of making them everyday. There are many of those best cold brew coffee makers that do that for you. Depending on filters, stainless steel bodies, quantity, etc. , here are some of the best options that you can choose from. Scan through these popular options and make a choice wisely. Firs, know your coffee type and then invest.

Top Rated Cold Brew Coffee Makers

Pijio Cold Brew Coffee Maker

This one is an interesting mix of style and incredible taste. The concentrated cold brew coffee lasts up to 2 weeks. This is something you will not easily find in other coffee makers. The coffee maker is designed, keeping in mind long lasting freshness of your coffee. The flavors are smooth; it’s an investment that you will be happy to make if you spend many dollars on cold brews from the best brands.


Talk about quantity, Pijio Cold Brew comes with a 1-liter pitcher. It makes four glasses of cold brew. And here’s the best part—This one is 100% BPA FREE. The pitcher is made from chemical free borosilicate glass.


Micro-fine Mesh Filter Strainer: The BPA Free filter strainer is removable. And it’s also dishwasher safe.

Silicon Bumper: The base of the pitcher comes with a thick silicone bumper to avoid scratching counters and protecting cold brew pitcher.

Makes Infusion Drinks: You can use this product to also make fruit infused water. Hot brewed drinks and loose tea leaves can also be used.


  • Super strong
  • Makes finer brews
  • Retains brews longer than most competitors
  • BPA Free
  • Chemical Free


  • It can be a little complicated to use for someone who wants something quick.
  • Also, the quantity is not much.

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OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker

There was a time when best cold brew coffee meant letting coffee grounds sit in water at room temperature overnight, and then came the brilliant designs where you could put them in a machine and see how the flavours turn out. But then, OXO is a different story. First things first, it’s smartly packaged in a plastic designed, which comes in a kit that you can easily carry home and use. The brand is known for most of its mainstream creations. And with this cold brew coffee maker, they have nailed it!


So, this one comes in 5 pieces. It comes with a brewing tub, suspended on a built-in stand. Shaped in an hourglass, this is some 1 foot tall. Then you have a perforated concave cover on the top where you pour water. This goes to on top of the coffee.

And if you think this is small, you are mistaken. The capacity is some 32-ounces. When the brewing is done, all you need to do is, turn the switch off and the coffee runs through a filter into the carafe. There is a plastic stopper on the top to secure the freshness. It seals the carafe. There is a clearly marked 2-ounce fill line to help you measure your cold-brew.


Silicon Stopper: It helps in keeping the concentrate completely fresh in the fridge.

Filter it Out: Comes with an ultra-fine mesh filter. This is reusable and a breeze to clean. You can choose paper fillers also.

Patented Rainmaker Coffee Extraction Lid: This ensures that water is evenly distributed over coffee beans. This results in a perfect brew. There won’t be any over-extraction. Also, this helps in avoiding the bitterness in your coffee.

Release Switch: This is a release switch that works automatically once your coffee is prepared.


  • Uniform flavour
  • No bitterness in the coffee
  • Complete control over the brewing process
  • Easy to manage
  • Smaller size which is perfect for one person
  • The design doesn’t take up a lot of space


  • Plastic sometimes interferes with the cleaning process. The stains remain.


Well, as far as competitors go, OXO brew’s flavor is stronger than Pijio’s. This one tastes much more earthy and stronger. But if you don’t like very strong flavors, the finer choice is Takeya’s maker. Find out more about it.

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Toddy T2N Cold Brew System

And then there are cold brew coffee systems that make everything simple. That’s what this cold brew coffee maker does for you. Talk about the best coffee concentrate and give this no miss. It will not ask you for any effort on your part. For those of you who love a perfect brew in the morning, Toddy T2N works overnight to make that happen for you.


Toddy is one of the few brands out there to have introduced the super-sized commercial model with five gallons capacity. And this one uses the same brew method as the big one. So if you want something for your kitchen and don’t want it to take up a lot of space, this is it. You can always size up if you want to and that has a different filtration process, and so on. For those who want something simple, this is the machine to go with. The bigger one is primarily for commercial use.


Impeccable Design: The machine brews your coffee with 67% less acid in comparison to those made with hot brew methods. This means, better health and more coffee to enjoy. The system was created in 1964 by Todd Simpson to ensure it removes most acid content.

Patented cold brew system: You do not require electricity to create coffee with beans in this one. And it can also make makes tea, hot or cold.

Special Filters: The filters are designed for cold brewing to help remove the bitter acids and oils from the coffee.

Inclusions: The set comes with a brewing container with handle. There are two reusable filters included in the product. You will also get a glass decanter with lid, a recipe guide and one rubber stopper.


  • Easy to Use: The design is pretty simple. You just have to measure your coffee, add water and leave it to brew. You don’t even have to wait for the water to boil. Leave it for 12 to 24 hours, and you will have a great brew to enjoy.
  • Stays Way Longer: The concentrate stays fresh for up to 3 weeks which means you get to enjoy the brew longer without worrying about repeating it often.
  • Plenty of Coffee: It easily makes 32 cups of coffee if not more. If you like your coffee too strong then may be less but 6 ounces on any given day. So even if you have guests coming over, you can make coffee for some people in one go.
  • Reusable Filters: Unlike others, Toddy’s filters are reusable which makes a whole lot of difference.


  • There’s nothing really to complain about this model, except, it can be slightly highly priced for its make. The maker is pretty simple, and if you are looking for something fancy, this may not be the product you want.


The coffee maker is easy to use, nothing too fancy but a simple product with easy technique. Reusable filters occupy less space and stay strong for long. That’s all you can ask for. The filters are reusable which is there in many other models, but these are pretty strong and worth investing in.

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Takeya Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

If you are not stuck on how exactly strong do you want your coffee to be, this could be a handy machine for you. The interesting part is, it is quite reasonably placed in comparison to many other machines in the same league. Add 14 tbsp coarsely ground, medium roast coffee to the infuser and simply twist into the lid.


And the brew is as simple as it gets. All you need to do is, add 32 ounces of filtered water to 3/4th in the pitcher. Put the infuser into this water, and half the job is done. Shake well and store in refrigerator overnight or up to 36 hours. Swirl the infuser occasionally. When you remove the infuser, you will find an excellent brew of concentrated coffee waiting for you. And if you want a little guide on how to roast coffee beans, click here.

You can also make hot tea and coffee in this one.


Non-slip Silicone handle: There will be no unwanted spills.

Servings: The 1-quart coffee maker easily gives you four servings at a time.

Leakproof Lid: Comes in a BPA-free Tritan material, with a leakproof lid. This is to ensure that your coffee stays fresh and flavourful.


  • Easy to use and affordable
  • Hassle-free coffee making even at a lower cost than most competitors
  • Easy to store in the fridge
  • Maintains freshness with a leak-proof lid.
  • Silicone handle avoids slips
  • Snap to clean


  • Many users have pointed to the fact that the flavour is very nutty.
  • It uses fewer grounds in each batch which doesn’t work well for those who like their coffee strong.
  • Overall, a great product when you want something on a budget. But don’t expect anything too fancy in this one. And if you compare it to Toddy’s, the instructions here are much more simple. Also, Toddy’s is more prone to breakage than this one. Toddy’s asks you for a final 5 minute wait before you pour the fifth round of water but this one doesn’t.

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Cold Brew Coffee Maker – 1 Quart Iced Coffee Maker – Glass Pitcher with Removable Filter

Here’s everything you can ask for in a coffee maker. This one comes with a glass pitcher and a removable filter. Ideal for 4-5 cups of cold coffee, the brand, Willow & Everett have done a good job with this coffee machine.


And the rules are simple. You can grind about eight tablespoons of coffee. For the ones who love their coffee fine, go with coarse ground coffee just because of finer coffee clouds the final result. You simply have to place the filter in the empty pitcher. Use 1/3 of your ground coffee into the filter, and pour 1.5 cups of water over the coffee.

Add the remaining coffee to the filter and pour another 20 ounces or 2.5 cups of water over it until the pitcher is almost full. Place the cap back on the pitcher and store in the fridge anywhere between 12-18 hours and your coffee is made.


Well Crafted Handles

You have a well-designed glass handle and pouring spout to give you complete control over the use. This ensures that there are no unwanted spills when you pour the brew.

High-quality Dual Mesh Filter

This is BPA and plastic free. You can be sure of one thing—your coffee grinds will not almost never leak into the coffee. This gives you just the right amount of steeping overnight.

Easy to Use

After the brewing, you just have to remove the filter. Put the filter away and place the silicon lid back on the pitcher.

Stainless Steel Design

It’s glass and stainless steel, a perfect combination of style and strength. The material makes it durable. As for the glass, don’t worry. It comes with a shatterproof glass pitcher which can easily brew up to 4-5 servings.


  • Clean to use
  • The flavours are refreshing
  • Strong metal machine
  • Clear markings to make quantity measure easy
  • Simple three stage procedure to use
  • Excellent filtration


  • Can be a bit of a task to clean this one

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What to buy

It clearly depends on the need and the care you can give to the system. If you are the ones to rush to work early and have no time to really keep checking if the brew is ready, go with the great machine called Nespresso Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother.

For starters, what makes this the best cold coffee brewer is the fact that it comes with a good capacity of 250 ml for hot milk and 130 ml for froth. And then you have the options to make hot and cold milk both. It’s a win-win for those who love latte as much as their froth brews. And like all the good models, this one comes with clear indicators to tell you how much water to use. But the best is yet to come.

You can get hot froth in just 70 seconds. The instructions are clearly mentioned. What’s even better—The Plus version is larger, and you never have the milk burning the floor of the kettle as it can be submerged in water. The only drawback—not dishwasher safe.


When making a choice, ensure you choose something that suits your lifestyle and the number of cups you want to make. Whether you like decaf, or something more strong, find out what you need by scouting through the list of the best. While one can give you 4 cups only, it might be a breeze to clean. It all depends on the number of people you are in the house and the time you want to spend in creating it.

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