Aeropress vs French Press

Nothing can ruin your mood than a cup of coffee that hasn’t been brewed well. Earlier, you might have to make your way towards the café or five -star restaurants if you had the craving of perfectly brewed coffee. But, today, you can get a cup at the comfort of your house only. The introduction of the brewing machines has proved out to be a boon for all the coffee lovers around the world. You cannot just operate these machines smoothly, but can also brew your coffee as you please. Although, there are many options available out there, the confusion between the Aeropress vs French press never seems to end.sterlingpro-french-coffee-pressWhen it comes to selecting the best brewing mechanism, you would have faced a dilemma. The two of the most common machines that you will find are the Aeropress and the French press. Where the former is the new to the brewing world, the latter has been catering the needs of people since many years. If you don’t have much knowledge regarding these machines, then every other machine would have appeared out to be same to you. To ease out this confusion of yours, here are some of the aspects related to the widely used machines.


French Press vs Aeropress


Albeit Aeropress is the new competitor in the coffee world, but its popularity is already touching the sky. Brewing the coffee in Aeropress is quite easy, and it only takes few minutes. Either make a cup of espresso or brew coffee in Aeropress, the choice is yours. With Aeropress, you get an opportunity to prepare coffee in many ways. You can easily customise the time and the temperature while brewing coffee in Aeropress. It also offers you a pre-measured scoop that will brew your coffee even faster. The markings on the chamber help you in adding the amount of water.

You will get four prominent parts along with the Aeropress that include the chamber, the filter cap, the plunger, and the seal. For brewing the coffee, all you would have to do is, put coffee grains into the chamber; pour boiling water over grounds, stir it for only ten seconds, push the plunger down, and your coffee will be ready. The advantage of purchasing Aeropress is that you won’t have to put extra efforts for cleaning it. Take away the used coffee and rinse the chamber; your Aeropress will appear out to be neat and clean. One brew through Aeropress can only give you maximum 3 cups of coffee. If you want more than that, then you would have to redo the process.

French Press

The French press is the widely used method of brewing coffee, and most of the commercial kitchens use this method. If you know how to brew the coffee in French press correctly, then the result that you will get is the creamy and a flavoured cup of coffee. This coffee maker comes with three prominent parts, like a plunger, a beaker, and a plate with the filter. If compared the Aeropress vs French press in terms of time taken, then the latter takes more time in brewing the coffee as compared to the former. Once you have filled the beaker with the coffee beans and the hot water, then you would have to wait approximately 4 minutes for pushing the plunger down and taking out the cup of coffee.

The brewing process in the French press is not as easy as it may seem. It is quite tricky, and you may have to try a lot before mastering the art of brewing in this coffee maker. But, all of the efforts turn out to be worthy when in the end, you get a rich in flavour and a strong cup of coffee. The French taste surely gives you a tempting cup of coffee; however, it removes the sour and the tangy elements from the coffee grains. Moreover, cleaning the coffee remains from the beaker is a tough job as well. The good thing is that French press is available in different sizes so that you can purchase the one according to your needs and requirements.


Now, when the differentiation between the Aeropress vs French Press has been done, you may find it difficult to select the best. Since both the coffee makers give out the extremely tempting result, so the choice should be made on your preference. If you prefer a strong cup of coffee, then you can go for the French press, on the other hand, to prepare a lively cup of coffee and that too, without waiting for long, go for the Aeropress.

In the end, here are the differences and the similarities between both the coffee makers. You might be familiar with the efforts it would take to brew the coffee in and then clean both the machines. So, make your decision wisely.


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